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Default DCS

DCS Today in release

Added L-39ZA into L-39 module

DCS World
  • Helicopter gets damaged when using a short length of rope is fixed
  • Helicopter AI can't unhook the cargo on the ground is fixed
  • The rope displayed incorrectly at the joint with the cargo - fixed
  • Script error after first mission of "Revanche" campagne is fixed
  • ILS freq in ME will match the F10 Airdrome Data
  • MP. Mouse moving on briefing screen also controls background camera view - fixed.
  • MP. "Pause when empty" function on server config was added
  • F10 view airfield resource menu will not overlay to mission editor after the mission
  • Default cockpit language layer not default but alphabetical
  • Illumination ammunition will painting objects on the ground and aircraft
  • Small correction of Batumi NDB location
  • Speed of ATGM Vikhr corrected
  • Crash with missile explosion effect is fixed
  • AI helicopters will attack from assigned direction
  • AGM-86 collision in flight fixed
  • AI MiG-31 dive corrected
  • Corrected parachute texture for Russian pilot model
  • Senaki-Kolhi NDBs. Changed frequency and callsign: Inner NDB from 129 to 688 kHz, "I" to "B". Outer NDB from 156 to 355 kHz, "TI" to "BI"
  • Su-27 The Ultimate Argument campaign. Corrected mission 18.
  • AI Mi-8MTV2 can hit the target with GUV AP-30
  • Different helicopter groups can be spawned on the same FARP
  • Fixed crash on launch AGM-65
  • Fixed crash on Mi-8 GUV fired

  • RWR does not indicated being tracked is fixed
  • RWR will works after player occupied AI aircraft
  • DSMS error after weapon drop fixed
  • ILS can be switched off by keyboard combo or joystick button

DCS L-39
  • Throttle position will synchronized in multiplayer
  • RKL-41 was corrected
  • Accelerometer Reset Knob will able to reset negative-G recording pointer
  • Avionics state will synchronized in forward and rear cockpits
  • Game flight model corrected
  • Barometric altimeter pressure settings corrected
  • Corrected hydraulic pressure drop when wheel brake applied
  • Training missions added.
  • Fixed bomb release sequence
  • SARPP - switching off when IAS is less than 120 km/h

  • P-51D/TF-51D: Bank-and-Turn indicator pointer is very oscillated in D&C state - fixed

  • Mi-8MTV2: AI will use taxi lights

  • Wrong FFB trimming behavior is fixed
  • Wheel brake moment corrected
  • Circuit breaker for Engine ignition and others will work
  • MP. landing and taxi lights on net phantom is corrected
  • Nose wheel steering behaviour corrected
  • Autostart and autostop commands added for joysticks
  • Emergency speed brake lever removed
  • Toe brakes animation added
  • AN/APX-6 IFF Transponder Dial Stop implemented
  • Attitude indicator pitch trim knob is now functional

DCS Flaming Cliffs 3
  • F-15. Hydraulic failure now lead to pressure drop and loss of control

DCS Fw 190 D-9
  • Rudder will not works after its knocked off
  • MW50 pressure gauge corrected
  • Corrected missions

DCS Bf 109-K4
  • Implemented cockpit camera movement options regarding gunsight retaining movement
  • Corrected Flight manual
  • Reduced flaps control wheel to 8 turns total
  • Redesigned trim and flaps wheels behaviour to cope with Saitek Trim Wheel
  • Reduced drag

DCS MiG-15bis
  • Added pressurization effect
  • Corrected cockpit appearance in low graphic settings
  • Corrected FFB shake
  • Corrected control system
  • Barometric altimeter limits are corrected
  • Fixed stall speed, modified spin dynamics
  • Fine-tuned buffet onset AOA and stall AOA.
  • Tuned shake AOA
  • Sealed canopy can’t be opened/closed even with stopped engine
  • Control stick can be hidden

  • Mouse pointer will not be visible in binocular view

  • Fixed crash in 14th mission of “UN Pilot” campaign
  • Fixed progress in 9th and 14th missions of “UN Pilot” campaign

  • Add RAZBAM-made missile definitions
  • Add VTB (radar) screen display export (including key binding)
  • Add preliminary force-feedback compatibility (untested)
  • Add emergency compass
  • Add preliminary approach-hold autopilot mode (lightly tested)
  • Add mirror (functions like rear-view camera for now)
  • Add Super 530D TOF (time of flight) and TTI (time to impact) HUD calculations
  • Add temporary switch definitions for controls binding
  • Add text to Selective Jettison switch cover
  • Add aux gunsight (HAUSSE switch, available in all modes except approach)
  • Add early implementation of approach hold autopilot
  • Add gear raise/lower rate variability
  • Add aerodynamic loss of wing lift effects due to beta
  • Add bingo fuel bug clickable tumblers (not functional, yet)
  • Add clickable canopy handles & lock (be careful to lock it before
  • takeoff!)
  • Add more cockpit switches enabled
  • Fix RWR-related crash
  • Fix in-flight refueling
  • Fix RWR ranging logic (based on priority)
  • Fix cockpit knobs that didn't act like knobs
  • Fix HSI & ADI (Boule) giving incorrect heading
  • Fix ECM box displaying invalid number on rearm
  • Fix center pylon placement
  • Fix HUD geometry
  • Fix alignment of HUD elements
  • Fix interception ring logic
  • Fix GBU release crash
  • Fix to sustained turn rate
  • Fix for trim commands not having correct authority
  • Fix for AP not functioning in area of low ground elevation
  • Fix keyboard & joystick default.lua (hopefully this is the one...)
  • Fix incorrect flight model tail airfoil shape
  • Fix for calculations of tail aerodynamics & rudder effectiveness
  • Fix for total wind velocity using wrong value
  • Fix for incorrect fuel tank centroid
  • Fix flight model shuddering on ground
  • Fix HUD declutter switch
  • Fix missing text on IFF panel
  • Fix missing panel lighting
  • Fix V/UHF radio knob controls PANNE light
  • Fix rudder and vertical tail effectiveness calculations (particularly at high betas)
  • Fix default.lua input definitions (naming, categories)
  • Fix NWS light logic
  • Fix NWS system pressure logic
  • Fix authority of autopilot pitch controller
  • Fix consistency of heading card and autopilot logic
  • Fix canopy open/close by keyboard command
  • Fix no communications in a few quickstart missions
  • Fix 6DoF head limits
  • Fix ground attack quickstart missions, had impossible payloads
  • Fix taxi light switch position logic
  • Fix multiple canopy bugs
  • Fix afterburner popping sound issue
  • Fix main gear clipping ground
  • Fix fuel cutoff switch issue (lightly tested, still has related known
  • issues)
  • Fix various miscellaneous bugfixes
  • Update gun snake logic
  • Update input definitions
  • Update transonic drag modeling
  • Update roll/yaw coupling
  • Update manual
  • Update folder structure
  • Update default VOR frequencies
  • Update panel lighting (notice backlight interaction with shadows/sunlight now)
  • Update cockpit textures
  • Update control authority of rudder in normal FBW, full authority in spin mode
  • Update spin mode behavior to account for yaw acceleration
  • Update NWS gain calculations
  • Update external model with various minor improvements
  • Update fuselage drag calculations
  • Update clickable canopy logic
  • Update FBW pitch PID gain & control logic
  • Update landing gear mass
  • Update low-speed pitch authority
  • Update FBW alpha limiter
  • Update RWR display (rings, removed counter, added cross)
  • Fixed Armament Panel bug.
  • Fixed Mirror bug.
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
  • Localization project included. Spanish and Chinese for the time being. Other languages will follow
  • Axis animations reversed (mirror, pedals adjustment, shoulder harness control handle, etc.)
  • Fixed some label names in clickable cockpit
  • PSD templates uploaded to DCS web page

DCS MiG-21bis by Leatherneck
  • Fixed Fuel Gauge working without PO-750 No. 2 Inverter
  • Added Weapon Selector Left/Right input command
  • Fixed RSBN Rangefinder showing horizontal instead of oblique angle
  • Corrected nosecone damage model in LoD2
  • Corrected Navigation Light intensity in Low.
  • Corrected Pilot Helmet protrusion through visor.
  • Added Specular and Normal map to static covers
  • Corrected Canopy Stand location
  • Added shortcut mapping to briefing window and mirror
  • Fixed R-55 and R-3S IR missile tones
  • Corrected R-3R lock tone
  • Fixed various instances of RWR playing indefinitely (possibly not all -- provide track if you catch this bug!)
  • Changed unlock behaviour of button on stick
  • Fixed incorrect radio channels after cycling through them with keyboard
  • R-55 can now only be carried on Pylons 1 & 2
  • Fixed Non-Dispensing Chaff
  • Fixed inverted Radar symbology
  • Fixed various instances of SPS (RWR) Sound Synchronization
  • Fixed various instances of ASO-2 not working
  • Fixed RN-24 damage and effectiveness.
  • Fixed clickable area for Aileron Boosters
  • Hypoxia is no longer induced under optimal conditions
  • SPRD no longer works after jettison
  • Fixed SARPP recording when system turned off
  • Corrected Suction Relief doors moving when engine off
  • Fixed Throttle Start/Stop position toggle
  • Fixed Crash when PRMG Channel > 16
  • Fixed persistent A/C shaking after taking off with blown tires
  • Pneumatic Air no longer leaks indefinitely when using brake on axis
  • Corrected input for booster aileron switch
  • Corrected Aileron Booster behaviour
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