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Default February 2016 Update (Hawk)

Hey guys,
I know we're only a little way into February but I've read a lot of negative comments on forums and Facebook that we're not working on Hawk anymore, the project is abandoned, blah blah blah.

Obviously people either don't read the updates we post on our Facebook page and forums, or they just want to stir shiz up and be negative.

I do however, understand peoples frustrations and the delays we have had over the past year are no concern to you, but if we can't get a product working for technical reasons then there's not much we can do but bug hunt and fix it, sometimes this is not an overnight process, especially with two new versions of DCS being released which also seemed to brake a few things along the way. Such is development.

Let me clarify; you are purchasing or have purchased an early access product during Beta development stage. Some features may not be complete and features may change during development and in the final version. If you are not excited to fly this product in its current state, then you should wait to see how the product progresses further in development and purchase when it is released in it’s final version or accept that is it in Beta development and work in progress.

So, here is the list of what we are working on in February, and have been for the past 8 days of the month and before that:

Feedback from the Hawk pilots is being updated on our current EFM flight model. It has been thoroughly tested and verified to be authentic and realistic to flying a Hawk.
With the change to EFM comes additional features like differential toe brakes, parking brake and much more. We hope you enjoy flying it as much as we have testing it over the past few months.
By the end of this month the EFM will be released to ED for testing and verification and we will discuss with ED when the next patch for 1.5 and 2.0 can be put out with the update.

The main cockpit textures are now implemented in the model. Our texture artist has done an excellent job making the cockpit look more realistic.
Screenshots do not do his work justice as much as rolling around with the sun reflecting off of every surface showing the level of detail.
He is carrying on with the remainder of the cockpit like switches, dials, gauges, etc.
What is shown below are current WIP screenshots. I'm sure most will like them and some will not...

Here is the remaining list of fixes and issues being worked on during February:
Weapons selector not working since 1.5.2 update.
Air start option - start with weapons system live including sidewinder cooling down time.
Sidewinder tone added.
Radio UHF and AM coms working (ground crew currently works ok).
When part of an aircraft wing is destroyed, the weps and lights still show (this will be done as part of EFM/ASM integration).
Airbrake test switch not working.
Realistic sounds to be added to external and cockpit.
Kneeboard joystick assignments not working for mark map and next/prev pages.
Det cord showing inside of canopy when looking back.
Controls indicator (Ctrl+Enter) working.
Auto start/stop commands working.
Altimeters 10,000 number rolling over too soon indicating 1950ft when it's 950ft.
Custom weapons added.
Damage model showing on some AI / multiplayer aircraft when air-brake deployed.
Add AHRS to start-up training mission.
Add remaining navigation training missions.
Safety pins removed from the model.
Other bugs reported by testers and public.

So, as you can see Hawk has not been abandoned and is very much on our focus.
Should anyone wish to challenge this then feel free to discuss it with me personally!!!

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