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Pete and I are typing up the update for January this week , so don't worry it's coming.

Hawk certainly has not been forgotten, I've had a few meetings this month with BAE to clarify a few things and get feedback, which is all positive.

I've also been working on closing out reported bugs, radios, etc...

The real pilots have until the end of this month to give us the feedback, plus Jav and I are concentrated on the next few weeks comparing our current EFM to the performance data we have recently obtained through our sources.

EFM programming updating, based on all feedback, is scheduled for February which should be fairly simple tweaks as the current EFM is very close. But as with all things DCS integration we'll see.
Our aim is to have it to our testers and to ED for final sign off by the end of February.
Then it's down to ED to include it in the patch.

We have tweaked the hydraulics to hopefully assist the X-55 users and will await their feedback when it's out for testing.

Also the cockpit textures are coming along nicely. I have the first pass from the artist and I think you won't be disappointed. Still some tweaks to do but it's looking great so far (no I won't be showing this off). Again I'm aiming to have these within the patch with the EFM, all going well.

Custom weapons are taking a little longer to integrate for various reasons I can't discuss right now, but they are also being worked on.

I have recently clarified with the techs and written the full UHF and AM radio procedure for our programmer which is being worked on. Right now in-sim you can use the radio to talk to the ground crew in case you missed that update in the last 1.5 and 2.0 patch. That was a big first step.
I understand all 3rd party's had issues with radios so it's good to know it wasn't just us going crazy.
Again these are not easy things to get working, but we are working on it and I hope they'll be done ready for the next big patch with textures and EFM.

Considerable time, resources and funds have been allocated to Hawk to get completed (out of Beta) and it is certainly not "dead" so please don't start spreading that rumour around or speculating that.

Things take time guys and we're going as fast as we can to get it right and realistic as possible within the boundaries we have been given.

When the top Military advisor for Sims for BaE Systems, two weeks ago, says it's "Outstanding!!" then I believe we have done a good job.
And yes he was flying the EFM.
And for anyone wishing to argue, he is an ex Hawk, Harrier and Tornado pilot, so....

Pretty much this is the update that will be in the monthly text and hopefully it keeps you happy, not as happy as having the updates I know, but hopefully another step closer.

Oh, one thing I want to mention after reading again another slagging off of myself and my team on Reddit; we are not "hiding" behind ED forums which are moderated.
If anyone wants to challenge me or simply to discuss things then all they have to do it contact me directly and I'll gladly talk to them.
However; I will defend the decisions I make, what we are doing as a business and my team so be prepared for an argument!!

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