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Default DCS 1.5.2 Update 1

DCS Update 1

Introduced DCS M-2000C by RAZBAM

DCS World
  • Old style scrollbar in Mission Briefing fixed.
  • AI aircraft no more get fuel by tanker without contact to tanker.
  • Multiplayer. Clients without CA will be able to open the players list, if server is CA-player.
  • Multiplayer. Client will get a loss in scoreboard when he changes slot.
  • Multiplayer. Mission name was added in MP server interface.
  • Multiplayer. Fixed setting server event flags.
  • Signal flare light will be brighter.
  • Crash when attempting to call Object.destroy() in landing event handler is fixed.
  • ME. Aerobatic task parameters are corrected.
  • R550 Magic 2. Increased detection range of standard target from 15 to 20 km (like AIM-9M).
  • Counter-Countermeasure probability of some IR missiles is slightly increased. Less value - increase immunity (there are complex, nonlinear dependence!):
    - Mika T from 1 to 0.2
    - R550 Magic 2 from 1 to 0.5
    - R-27T from 1 to 0.5
    - R-27ET from 1 to 0.5
    - R-73 from 1 to 0.5
    - AIM-9M from 1 to 0.5
    - 9M333 Strela-10 from 1 to 0.5
    - 9M39 Igla from 1 to 0.5
    - FIM-92C from 1 to 0.5
DCS L-39
  • ADF frequency dial in rear cockpit will not stuck on some values.
  • Corrected lights on ADF dials.
  • SPU commutation fixed.

  • In-Game Flight manual updated.
  • Added input key commands for accelerometer and fast slaving gyro.
  • AN/ARN-6 CONT. position is selectable.
  • Rudder control is adjusted. Aircraft can operate with crosswind.

  • In-Game Flight manual updated.
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