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Default DCS

DCS Changelog

DCS World
  • Memory leak is fixed.
  • Fixed crash when player give order of reconnaissance task to wingman
  • Create Fast Mission Generator. Incorrect number of wingman when generating mission is fixed.
  • ME. Uragan BM-27: Indication for minimum engagement distance is corrected.
  • ME. Condition box for Naval Groups corrected.
  • Encyclopedia. Air To Air R-3S and R-3R missiles added.
  • Corrected position of Batumi and Gelendzhik NDBs.
  • VOR beacons fixed.
  • A server crashed after an exit if a client cargo had been unhooking is fixed.
  • Corrected performance of Super 530D and Magic 2 missiles.

  • RWR switch off when starting from runway or parking hot positions is fixed.
  • Manually entered coordinates of initial positions are working now.
  • Elevation data for init position added.

  • Su-27 Cockpit. Chinese textures updated.

  • Rudder trim is functional now.
  • Fire Warning Light Test Switch Bugs are fixed.
  • Canopy open/close controls corrected.
  • Input command for clock start/stop/reset button are functioning now.

DCS MiG-15bis
  • Marker receiver activates over all NDBs fixed.
  • Adjusted G-tolerance of pilot without G-suit.
  • Russian training missions added.

DCS L-39
  • Sound will be heard when radar altimeter goes below warning level.

  • Anti-icing system is corrected.

DCS Ka-50
  • Crash on leaving control of Ka-50 is fixed.
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