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Stuge has just won the 2015 Top Gun 1v1 title in an emphatic fashion, without dropping a single round throughout the competition!

Do not be mistaken, the competition was fierce but Stuge has been in a class of his own, always able to step it up in key moments.

On behalf of the whole organizing team, congrats Stuge on a well earned victory.

Congrats every single pilot who flew in Top Gun 2 on your fighting skills, sportsmanship and the great time we had meeting you on TeamSpeak.

I take my hat off to Mr Dutch_Baron, Mr SkyCap, Mr OverG and Mr Riptide for an outstanding organization, hosting and refereeing of the matches.

It's not over yet as tomorrow is expected to sound even louder on the runways for the last day of the 2v2 competition; we are looking forward to some exciting matches.


Thank you for your input, we will consider for next time.

Regarding the scoring and rankings we had not intended to split it by aircraft, thus the only classification will be 1v1 and 2v2. We had had long discussions about whether we should run two competitions one for the Flanker and one for the Eagle before coming to the conclusion that it would be more practical to keep them mixed in the same draw while allowing the pilots to freely pick their ride for every match (not round).

With that being said, we believe each jet has its own strengths and it's up to the pilot to try to draw the fight where own jet behaves the best.

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