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Default News No. 23

News No. 23

The «ЗАПРАВКА-КОНТРОЛЬ» (tanking-control) switch is activated.

Fuel meter СКЭС-2027 includes four yellow annunciators «Бак полон» (tank full) (on a fuselage near filler wells of pylon and additional tanks) which light up when corresponding tanks are full.

During fueling «ЗАПРАВКА-КОНТРОЛЬ» (tanking-control) switch in a crew cockpit has to be in "ЗАПРАВКА" (tanking) position. Yellow annunciators «Бак полон» (tank full) will light upon completion filling of tanks.

"КОНТРОЛЬ" (control) position is for «Бак полон» (tank full) annunciators check. Switch should be turned in "КОНТРОЛЬ" (control) position for and annunciators on a fuselage should be checked.

Translated by - Laivynas Moderator/ED Testers Team

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