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Default DCS Update 1

DCS World
  • Encyclopedia. Added new entries. More to come.
  • Payload and refueling ingame panel corrected.
  • The broken trees blending, when seeing it from cockpit is fixed.
  • Restored Heat Blur effects for helicopters.
  • The dust effect for wheeled vehicles corrected.
  • Crash with moving vehicle group is fixed.
  • Game options. The cockpit status bar option added to the gameplay panel in the game option window.
  • Game options. The HUD language option is restored.
  • Game options. The pressing of button in the CONTROLS panel will recognized correctly.
  • Game options. The EXTREME settings of VISIB RANGE option are corrected.
  • Multiplayer. The status bar IAS indication of AI aircraft is restored.
  • Multiplayer. The Spectator external views option is added to MISC panel of game options.
  • Multiplayer. The JOIN REQUEST panel that allows to get request for second player in the cockpit of a multicrew aircraft is corrected.
  • ME. Crash in the "Warehouse in airport" panel is fixed.
  • Amount of ASM Bazalt has been corrected for "Moscow" cruiser.
  • SAM Buk (SA-11) animation now coincides with actual turret position.

DCS L-39
  • Radio and RSBN. Channel frequency will be automatically adjusted to ATC with hot runway start.
  • Radio. 118-140 range for R-832M and multirange spinboxes is already added to ME.

DCS MiG-15bis
  • G-Load overlay indicator removed from cockpit.
  • The airframe damage decals are corrected.

  • A left wing frame structure appearing when wing bends is removed.
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