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Originally Posted by roadrunner1024 View Post
Looking good!

Flightstick pro was a great stick, agree that diagonal was a bit weird, but nowhere near as bad as the f16 flcs or the f22 (even worse! Because the springs are so tight!)

Never saw a black flightstick pro base though, mine was light grey, was the USB version black?

You should try to get an f22 for the grip, it feels much better than the f16, feels much more solid somehow...
Mine Flightstick Pro was gameport.

F22 is difficult to find and is usually expensive on eBay.

I found this:

It is Quickshot Skymaster QS-206. I bought it for 1 on eBay, it looks bigger on pictures but it is small. Gimbal is almost identical as in CH sticks, only 1/2 the size. But there was no that feeling in diagonals. Then I started to disassemble it and removed rubber boot and that feeling was back again. I think it is because rubber boot counteracts springs in gimbal. I am going to experiment more on this.

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