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DCS Open Beta Changelog

  • Ground AI units now can find path around obstacles.
  • Multiplayer events now correct show in chat.
  • Multiplayer scores are counting now.
  • Added NDB and RSBN icons on F10 map.
  • GAZ-Tigr armour corrected.
  • Fixed broken repair Su-25T.
  • Fixed issue when AI get stuck while taxiing if object is in front of a 'junction' for their route.
  • Customized cockpit texture option added into Special menu. The option based on script created by uboats.

  • Fixed messed up textures when changing cockpit language between mission run.
  • Fixed error on return from back seat to spectators in multiplayer mode.

  • Second hooked cargo can be unhooked in normal way.
  • Fixed endless descent marker smoke in multiplayer.

  • Fixed radar altimeter digital reading brightness.
  • Removed small gaps in cockpit model.
  • Fixed opacity of top green windows.

  • Removed duplicated HMS ring on multimonitor configuration.
  • Fixed ABRIS map.

  • Fixed CTD after spin.

*Some small fixes and features isn't mentioned in the log.
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