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Arrow [MOD] Light AAA Pack (Accurate Calibers)

Hi Folks,

here is a pack of light AAA units (CA Playable):
- ZPU-1 on Ural Truck (far less fatal than ZSU-23 on helos)
- ZPU-2 on Ural Truck
- ZPU-2 on Fixed Emplacement
- ZPU-4 on Ural Truck
- ZPU-4 on Fixed Emplacement
- ZSU-57-2 Ob'yekt 500
- Renamed ZU-57-2's "KDA 35mm" to "S-68A"
- Renamed ZPU "KPVT" to "KPV" (non-tank version)
- Country added
- Removed Ukraine, South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Georgia from all platforms since they never operated them
- Added Egypt, Iraq, Iran, China, North Korea, Poland, Romania, Syria, Croatia, Israel and Bulgaria as operators for all platforms
- Added Hungary and Finland as ZU-57 operators
- Added Pakistan and the Czech Republic as a ZPU operator

Thanks to Silver_Dragon for his help and docs !

Version : V5.2 & 5.7

Download JSMGE Pack for DCS 1.2 : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzy...ew?usp=sharing

Download JSMGE Pack V5.7 for DCS 1.5 : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzy...ew?usp=sharing

Thanks to akp for update
- Custom weapon and ammo for the ZSU-57
- ZSU-57 uses clips of 4 rounds per gun
- ZSU-57 uses the L21A1 firing audio since the ROF is much slower and realistic now
- ZPU have more accurate magazine sizes
- More accurate traversal speeds
- More accurate elevation and depression
- More accurate max aiming altitudes (KPVT was limited to targets 500m and below)
- Removed PKT from all ZPUs (inherited from the KPVT_BTR weapon system)
- Removed the stabilizers (configs were copied from shilka)
- Use ZU-23-2 sensors and aiming instead of the shilka's (less accurate now)
- Cleaned up configs with comments
- Fixed a minor mistake with ZPU-2 elevation and depression values
- Replaced the KPVT/PKT sights with the generic AAA sight used by ZU-23-2 (easier to scan the sky than a vehicle optic)
- Edited all CA gunner view positions to a nicer spot than the muzzle of a barrel
- Renamed "AAA ZSU-57-2 Ob'yekt 500" to "SPAAG ZSU-57-2 Ob'yekt 500" for consistency with Shilka


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