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Default SA342M Gazelle DCS World module Specifications

The module simulates the Airbus Helicopter SA-342M Gazelle Viviane HOT for DCS World.
Systems and Flight model.
All systems and the flight model have been simulated from available data in the manuals and tuned to fit real pilots and technicians feedbacks.
Rotor System
Normal flight phases and autorotation are simulated.
The OA209 airfoil has been taken as a reference and then tweaked to fit the real blades lift and drag. Lift and drag coefficients of the OA209 airfoil have been recorded from a wind tunnel simulation. Then the rotor lift and drag are calculated in real time in game.
Blades flapping is simulated regarding the real time flight parameters.
Rotor Rpm fits the charts when in autorotation.
Fuel System
The fuel system follows the available charts from the manuals.
Fuel consumption is calculated depending on aerodynamics (external loads),
weight, atmosphere density, temperature and altitude, flight phase ...
Flight model
All flight phases are simulated : Hover, Linear flight, turns, autorotation
Vortex effect during hovering is functional.
Ground effect is functional.
Navigation System
All real Gazelle navigation devices are simulated : NADIR, ADF Radio, ADF/Sight/NADIR gauge (horizontal situation, ADF and waypoint indications)
Radio communication system
The AM radio and the Intercom are simulated
The FM radio (PR4G) is also simulated with custom datas and procedures due to its classified aspect.
Sounds of the cockpit have been extracted from original videos recorded by a Gazelle technician. Sounds of the Turbine and the rotor are original as well.
This gazelle simulation features the HOT3 missile and the needed devices to fire it.
Video display : The TV displays a moving map and the Viviane sight datas
Video command : The Video command allows to use the moving map or to display
the Viviane sight datas.
HOT missile console : it allows to make the missiles up to fire and is linked to the Video command console.
Viviane (APX 397) sighting device : external camera linked to the weapon system.
HOT3 missile : wire guided missile, the user has to guide the missile manually to the target until the impact.
Warning Receiver
The warning receiver system is simulated through the sensors and a display (DRAXX 33)
The real symbology is not used due to its classified aspect, a custom symbology is used instead.
Flare dispenser
The Flaredispenser system includes the Flaredispenser cockpit command (MATRA B0) and the external launcher.
Lights system
Cockpit lights and external navigation/anti-collision lights are simulated.
Damage system
The damage system is simulated and includes external visual damages
(rotor and blades, fuselage, main cockpit glass...)
The effects of the damages are taken in count and change the flight conditions
(aerodynamics, lift, speed ...)
All systems include the damage effects too (electric, fuel, engine ...)
The player can swap from the pilot position to the board commander position.
Missiles can be fired only from the board commander position.
Maximum speed during linear flight fits the charts.
Ceiling fits the charts.
Maximum vertical velocity fits the charts.

The start-up procedure follows the pilot manual.
More than a real Autopilot, the Gazelle features a SAS (Stability Augmentation System)
This feature is simulated as well in the module, and follows the real functions.

All available lights systems from the real model have been simulated, including navigation lights, formation lights, strobe light, extend-able landing light.
The cockpit features instruments internal light, UV light and a roof lamp with a move-able red lens so you can have a white or a red light.

All this is subject to change and will be updated in time.
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