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Default News No.9

News No.9

«АВТОМАТ. СБРОС» (automatic release) switch is now functional.

Electrical equipment of external load contains DG-64M lock.

DG-64M lock is equipped with an automatic release mechanism. Which is activated by "Внешняя подвеска – Автоматический сброс" (external load - automatic release) switch on a middle electric panel.

Lock status is indicated by "ЗАМОК ОТКРЫТ" (lock is open) green annunciator panel on middle electric panel.

In flight lock can be opened by pressing tactical or emergency buttons located on cyclic stick.

"Автоматический сброс" (automatic release) switch should be off during flight.

When it's necessary lock can be opened automatically. On approach to cargo unload area turn on "Автоматический сброс" (automatic relase) switch. After cargo is on the ground and tension of slings is less than 20 +/-8 kg, automatics will open the lock and slings will be released.

Translated by - Laivynas Moderator/ED Testers Team
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