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Haha you guys love it

To clarify the suspense...
I'm home tomorrow morning early (01.30) and I'll be talking to the team tomorrow night to finalise the release date.
I'll then talk to TFC/ED this week to ensure it doesn't conflict with any other module release date and we'll agree a launch.
Then we'll put it live on our site for pre-sale. It's normally on ED site about a month or two prior to release as pre-sale.
Steam is always about two weeks after release.

As I said on Matt's stream chat yesterday (for anyone that missed it) we have three TFC Pilots that fly their P-40 checking out ours the week of Legends (next week). The Stig's cousin (our EFM programmer) is at Legends from Friday next week and will be talking to the pilots about their feedback.
In fact all of the VEAO P-40 team will be at Legends except one who had to cancel last minute which is a shame (we'll miss you Storm).
Nick Grey (head of TFC for DCS) normally flies our aircraft in-sim as well and gives feedback and actually Stephen Grey also did last year.
When the team gets back home from Duxford those tweaks will be made but we have a polished product ready for Legends so it's just tweaking after that.

We'll then get it to the VEAO and ED testers for final bug hunting and feedback and then it's good for ED final sign off (yes they do vet it to set standards).

So they are the last milestones to meet for P-40 (and all projects actually).

So when we say Soon TM, we mean it

Yes Q2 ends tomorrow but we want to get pilot feedback on the EFM prior to release and Legends is the best time to do that as Nick and his pilots are there.

So, I can't give a definitive release date for the reasons mentioned above.

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