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Default Mi-8 has rudder pedals trimmer.

I decided to share with community the version of the solution of traveling management on the Mi-8MTV. My pedals-.
On the Mi-8MTV there is a trimming of pedals.
But main problem is that after trimming IRL pedals "remember" their last position which is usually not the central one. It can be full right or left rudder.
Our gaming pedals always stay in central position. Simmers feet are also always centered despite position of virtual pedals after trimming.
To attain equal pedals' position IRL and in simulator I simply dismounted my pedals and took out centering spring. Than turned off pedal trim in simulator settings.
The result was perfect. My feet and virtual pedals are now synchronised. Now You can feel right limit and right pedal position on overloaded helicopter and left rudder during quick descend having collective full down.
What about trimmer effect for pedals which I turned off? IRL trimmer click and pedals stays in current position. Pilot don't feel any additional effects but only elimination of need to push pedals. So now I have just same thing - gaming pedals stay in last position because there is no spring for them to be turned to "zero point". Just added some friction to load simulating mechanism and that's it.
I choose that method of controlling the helicopter as a most realistic one compared to RL. Directional stability greatly improved without any unwanted disturbances.
I have almost 4'000 RL flight hours for Mi-8, so I know what I'm talking about.
I'll be glad if my experience will help anybody to improve his simming experience with Mi-8!

Translated by - Laivynas Moderator/ED Testers Team

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