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Originally Posted by Hummingbird View Post
Landing speed & take off distance is a good indicator of two things: available lift and available thrust, both of which are vitally important in a turn fight.
Landing speed ia absolutely nothing to turn fight because this speed is for flaps-down conditions, so it depends more on flaps effectiveness.
Take-off run is not a valuable reason because of different conditions of flight - large amount of prop slipstream downwash increasing lift and low M number.

As typical turnfight is performed at significantly higher M numbers, CLmax usually is significantly lower than at 1g stall and TO lift-off.

Clmax depends both on Re and M, but generally it decreases with TAS with almost constant slope for 23xxx series, for example. P-51 airfoil. though, has a very distinctive flat part at the M number range that is very useful for instant turns and for steady turns at high altitude, and this laminar airfoil is significantly better in this region than plain airfoils. Moreover - at low M it has the same Clmax as these aitrfoils.

That's why all rumours about "poor laminar airfoil" has no ground.

About the total turn capabilities. IN DCS Dora can steady turn having more g-load than P-51. If someone can not outturn P-51 it is not because of better Mustang's steady turn rate but because of misunderstanding how these two planes differ in their turn ability.

As P-51 has lower wing loading and almost the same maximal lift as Dora it has advantage in turn rate and turn radius in low speed range. Its thrust limited steady turn is worse than D9 turn at higher speed.
So, if Dora begins to play on Mustang's field it won't win turnfight.
THese pictures are for 61" 3000 for P-51 and Sondernotleistung for Dora. Start- und Notleistung gives the same type of advantage but not so much.
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