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Default DCS 1.2.16 Update 1 - Changelog

In the Open Beta today!

Changelog of

DCS World
  • Multiplayer. Net traffic will be more scalable.
  • Update German and Spanish localization.
  • Oliver Perry bug with incorrect attack group is fixed.
  • Multiplayer. Payloads authorization check added.
  • Fixed crash with assigning embarking task via scripting engine.
  • Added guided bombs in trigger condition 'BOMB IN ZONE'.
  • Incockpit G-Effect is tweaked.
  • Piston engine detonation physics introduced.
  • Increased the life value for a concrete hardened objects (ammo depot, command center, aircraft shelter).
  • Added individual warheads for cluster's submunition: PTAB-2.5 (slightly increased); PTAB-10,5 (slightly increased); PTAB-1M (slightly increased); Mk118 (decreased); Bl-775 HEAT (slightly decreased).
  • Increased mightiness of MLRS Grad and Uragan rockets.
  • Corrected S-25 and S-25L warheads.
  • Tuned to slight penetration capabilities the S-25 rocket and S-25L missile warhead.
  • Tuned BetAB-500, BetAB-500ShP, KAB-500Kr, GBU-27/28/31v3 penetrators.
  • Decreased HE capability of S-13 rockets.
  • Basic penetration warhead is tweaked.
  • KAB-1500L(Kr). Replace simple warhead to penetrator.
  • AIM-120B/C. Adjusted weapon system DLZ calculation at low altitudes. AI's will not launch AIM-120 outside DLZ.
  • R-27ER/ET. Decreased a weapon system calculated launch range in upper hemisphere.
  • AIM-9M. Increased max structural limit G from 35 to 40.
  • Su-17, Su-25, MiG-27. Added antiship task.

  • Ground Units cockpit. Overlapping information strings fixed.
  • The formations in the command bar will work.

DCS Flaming Cliffs 3
  • Su-27. Gear and speed brake drag is tweaked.
  • Su-27. The nozzle automatics is corrected.
  • Su-27. Dependence of engine RPM by environmental parameters is corrected.

  • Quick Start. Updated P-51D Intercept mission.
  • Quick Start. Restored mission dogfight P-51D vs P-51D.
  • Fixed crash during descent when supercharger switches from HIGH to LOW.

DCS Bf 109 K-4
  • Fixed duplicate key bindings of Game mode.
  • Aerodynamics tweaks.
  • Added English Bf 109 campaign by SiThSpAwN.
  • Input. Night Vision Goggles was removed.
  • QuickStart. Dogfight mission. Corrected trigger text.
  • QuickStart. Intercept mission corrected. Transports now fly more like WWII bombers, they do not evade, or fire defensive flares, etc.
  • Wings will be more steady with overloads. Will not destructed by one critical overload.

DCS Fw 190 D-9
  • Too high power with MW50 fixed.
  • Battery will charge with generator.
  • Enable ram air.

DCS Black Shark 2
  • Update German training descriptions.
  • Added special option - pedals trim flag.

DCS MiG-15bis
  • Oil pressure corrected.

  • Bug, after cargo has been unhooked, helicopter behavior like as cargo still connected and rope is tense, is fixed.

April 09 update open-beta
  • Piston engine detonation physics introduced. Smoke (visual effect) and Increased deterioration are added.
  • Crash on embarking troops reaching helicopter is fixed.
  • All AA missiles. Added a prolongation target's trajectory when lock is broken. AA missile will not zeroizes assigned overload and go to straight flight, instead missile will fly to calculated intercept point.
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