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Example of exporting Statics and Scenery from DCS into Tacview. You can also export hitpoints and maybe some other interesting things which is what I was doing here - tracking the health of the Barrack as an AI Tu-22 executed a strike mission (with the wrong loadout). It was deliberate.

This would be a better example with more colors and labels it is OK.

Just viewing the playback of this I was thinking it would be much better if bombs and missiles that do not strike objects to perhaps explode on impact with the ground. If the explosions were scaled with the explosivemass of the ordinance (available via LUA) then you would be able to see why some objects took damage and other objects did not.

This one is just the same with more scenery exported. It looks good and gives a good sense of scale even with pink buildings. If you use auto-scale with this scenery in the view it looks terrible- the units are waaay to big. OK enough with my complaints with Tacview auto-scale.

Tacview is a great tool - already it allows for a lot of cool things.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could stamp roads and train-lines onto the Tacview terrain too. Unfortunately I do not know how to do this.

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