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Default Happy New Year!

DCS World - 2014 Summary

2014 was a busy and productive year for Eagle Dynamics with the continued development and improvement of DCS World. A key element of DCS World has been the creation of an air combat simulation experience that spans several decades... from World War II to the modern day. Although we started with modern day aircraft, 2014 has allowed us to expand into the World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War periods. Most noteworthy has been the rapid development of the DCS: World War II line of aircraft that now includes the P-51D Mustang, Fw 190 D-9 Dora and the Bf 109 K-4. Work is already underway on the Spitfire IX and P-47D for 2015. Additionally, we’ve been able to use 2014 to further improve our line of Flaming Cliffs 3 aircraft with the addition of a 6 DOF cockpit and professional flight models for the Su-27.

While Eagle Dynamics has certainly been busy, our 3rd party partners have been equally so! With the release of a Professional Flight Model for the F-15C and the F-86F by Belsimtek (MiG-15bis in development), the MiG-21bis by Leatherneck Simulations, the Hawk by VEAO Simulations, and the C-101 by AvioDev nearing completion, we’ve taken great steps in 2014 to expand DCS development to our partners.

Behind the scenes, we have been very busy in 2014 developing DCS World 2 with an all new graphics engine and support for new maps such as the Nevada Test and Training Range (now in Pre-Alpha testing), Strait of Hormuz, and Normandy 1944. We realize that having appropriate theater maps is a critical aspect of moving the series forward. This development work in 2014 will allow us to release DCS World 2 and new maps in 2015 and bring the DCS World to the next level.

As a little New Year’s gift, here is a compilation of video segments I recorded while doing NTTR testing. This video is by no means polished and is already rather dated by several weeks. The map art is complete, but several items involving the AI and effects still need to still be resolved. However, I thought you might like to see a rather more detailed look of where we are going in 2015.

Best wishes and Happy New Year from myself and the rest of the The Fighter Collection and Eagle Dynamics Team!
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