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Default DCS World 1.5 and 2 Discussion

DCS World 1.5 and 2 Discussion

Note: Please stay on topic. Off topic posts will be removed. This thread will be heavily moderated.

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In particular:

1.10. - Product feedback and constructive criticism is encouraged when provided in a mature and courteous manner. However, feedback that is abusive, insulting or condescending is not welcome. Additionally, to bring up a particular issue repeatedly after it has already been acknowledged will be considered "trolling" - in such cases a warning will be issued to the author and the post will be removed.

Please note: When there is new news it will be posted in this post or as part of an official newsletter. We have no set schedule for news updates and news will be provided only when we feel there is newsworthy items to pass along.

DCS World 2

DCS World 2 is the next iteration of the Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) series that will include a new graphics engine (developed in our Eagle Dynamics Graphics Engine development environment). It will be a FREE update and all of your DCS World module keys will work with it. In addition to the new graphics engine, DCS World 2 will also usher in the ability to have multiple maps integrated into DCS (both developed by Eagle Dynamics and our 3rd party partners). Maps currently in developed include the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR), Strait of Hormuz, and Europe 1944. The Map SDK is available to qualified 3rd party development teams. Interested parties can PM me with detailed proposals.

Some features we plan to include in DCS World 2 include:
  • Direct X 11 support
  • Improved performance
  • Dynamic shadowing of the terrain and mountains
  • Improved weather
  • Improved lighting
  • Clipmap support for new maps
  • Higher object counts
  • Higher resolution ground terrain mesh and textures for new maps (between 1 and 64 meters per pixel depending on area of map and clipmap level)
  • More detailed tree models with collision for new maps
  • Better graphical effects
  • High resolution road textures for new maps
  • Ability for road signs and light signals for new maps
  • Additional ground clutter (rocks, cactuses, etc.) for new maps
  • Skeleton animation for infantry
  • Better use of multiple GPUs (CPU multi-threading is not being pursued as it will provide little if any gain)
  • Ability to create dedicated servers in the future
  • Unified front end and simulation .exe
  • Improved API sound support
  • Improved Oculus Rift support

    Several of the features will probably not be available when the DCS World 2 is first launched as an open beta. This includes improved weather and dedicated server.
The Black Sea map will see several benefits of this including better lighting, improved grass, effects and weather.

DCS World 1.5

Prior to the release of DCS World 2, DCS World 1.5 will be released. This version will be the much the same as described above for DCS World 2 but will NOT include the ability to use new maps and several of the new map features. We plan to release DCS World 1.5 along side DCS: L-39 Albatros in September 2015. Items of DCS World 1.5 include:
  • Direct X 11 support
  • Improved performance
  • Improved lighting
  • Better graphical effects (contrails and missile smoke trails)
  • Better use of multiple GPUs (CPU multi-threading is not being pursued as it will provide little if any gain)
  • Unified front end and simulation .exe
  • Improved API sound support
  • Improved Oculus Rift support

The Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) Map

The first new map being developed for DCS World 2 is the NTTR map.

This map originally started as a third party project with no input from Eagle Dynamics. However, as we started to develop DCS: A-10C, we realized that this map could serve as a great location for the A-10C training missions. To make this happen, we officially partnered with the third party team to help make this happen. We were so confident in this endeavor that we included a very early version as part of the original A-10C beta.

Unfortunately, due to several reasons, the third party team dissolved and Eagle was left holding the bag of a promised NTTR map to customers that had purchased it as part of A-10C. After taking over the project, it soon became apparent that the current engine was incapable of running the map at the desired quality levels vs. performance. In order to realize this map as first envisioned, an entirely new image generator would be required... this later became a key element of the new graphics engine.

Building a new graphics engine is never an easy or fast task and DCS World 2 has proved no different. However, the NTTR map has provided an excellent test bed for the new map rendering technologies. So, all that being said, the NTTR was developed for the following reasons:

1- For training missions of western aircraft.
2- To honor A-10C beta purchases.
3- Allow creation of Red Flag type missions centered on the NTTR.
4- New map technology test bed.

Some facts about the NTTR map:
  • Airfields include Nellis AFB, Groom Lake AFB, Creech AFB, and Las Vegas McCarren. At a later point we hope to also add Tonopah AFB.
  • The map is approximately 600 x 610 km. The airfield locations have the greatest detail (elevation mesh and textures of 2 meters per pixel), the center area of the map between the airfields (as indicted by the area covered by roads in the attached image) has the second highest detail (4-8 meters per pixel), and the area along the outside portions of the map have the least detail (16 to 64 meters per pixel). Attached are images from low, medium and high altitude from low, medium and high detail areas of the map.
  • We hope to release an Alpha test version within the next couple of months depending how debugging goes.
  • Currently, most of the art aspects are complete and most of the remaining work is in regards to integrating the map into DCS World 2 (AI, effects, collisions, weather, etc.)
  • An Alpha test version of the NTTR map will be made available for free to those customers that purchased the A-10C beta. For those that did not take part in the A-10C beta, the NTTR map price and availability is TBD

Those users getting the map for free from the A-10C beta will have to purchase the A-10C & F-15C Red Flag Campaigns separately.


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