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To export additional gauges, you need to do some minor edits to their Lua files.

Let's use the RWR as an example. Open Mods/aircraft/A-10C/Cockpit/Scripts/AN_ALR69V/indicator/AN_ALR69V_init.lua and append the following lines to the end of the file:
("ED_A10C_RWR" is a unique name for the viewport, which you can pick arbitrarily as long as its a valid Lua variable name.)

You can then export the RWR like this in MonitorSetup.lua:
		x = 599;
		y = 1360;
		width = 179;
		height = 179;
I use this approach to export the clock and the RWR.

In general, under Cockpit/Scripts there is a subfolder for each device. Inside that is an indicator subfolder which includes one Lua file that ends with _init -- that is the one you want to edit.

Edit (2015-01-19): add code to the end of the file instead of the beginning (required for some indicators, others do not care)

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