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Originally Posted by Noj View Post
Don't mean to be critical or pedantic, but surely all that stuff would have been sorted out before you even started working on a commercial release?

Otherwise, it's a load of money, time and effort potentially down the drain. Not to mention the damage it would do your rep if it had to be abandoned.

I'm assuming the same would apply to the Typhoon, as well.

Hopefully you can wrap them both up in one swoop (along with any future projects... ahem!)
Most aircraft have to be developed to demonstrate to manufacturers what you're doing.
It's a very convoluted process I won't go into here.
We've been in discussions with BAE for over 2 years now as it's not just the Hawk we need a licence for from BAE. Also they're not set up for this kind of thing as it's not been done to this level before.

Don't forget we're doing military as well as consumer products.

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