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Today we made several changes to the bonus system that we hope you will all appreciate:


The customer has the opportunity to receive a bonus for existing orders (paid before February 20th, 2014) pertaining to products participating in the bonus program, with the same rules applied (p.2-3) as under the new order. Customers must use these bonuses prior to January 1st, 2015. Visit: Personal section / My account to register the orders.

A product can be paid by use of bonuses no more than 30% (thirty percent) of the full product price. We retain the right to change this percentage at any time and at our discretion.

The following rules are applied to bonuses accrued for purchases made after February 20th, 2014: 100% of the bonus will be cancelled without return and/or recovery in case the customer does not make a purchase within one year from the date of the last purchase from the DCS e-shop.
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