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Hey folks,

I'm going to keep this update fairly brief, as we have some new stuff cooking that still needs a few days to simmer before it can be presented. Thus; do expect another update with some nice juicy screenshots of the MiG-21 in EDGE sometime during next week.

Work continues on integration of the MiG-21 into Core DCSW and on the final level of polish and testing prior to public release. The past week was mainly focused on moving the aircraft into the new 1.3.0 development environment, which required some art tweaks on various components. This is still not complete; as there are some significant visual glitches still present. I am, however, confident that we'll be wrapping things up on this task in the first few days of the next week.

In addition to this, we're working on some auxiliary tasks such as box art, main menu artwork, icons, shirt artwork, more liveries, tactical numbering, and a lot of other stuff that escapes my mind. We've also begun reaching out to a lot of external partners and individuals to kick the promotional and marketing campaign into high gear. I hope we'll be seeing the effect of this very soon.

All of the remaining tasks are on the artistry, and thus Roland and Novak are taking a short break away from development. Certainly excellent timing for Roland in particular, as his first child arrived just a few weeks ago! Things are, however, already stirring and things will kick into gear as we head into the next project(s). Preparatory work in the form of in-house tools that will alleviate several development hurdles, such as FM programming, are already taking shape. We're excited to properly embark on a new era of Leatherneck, especially with all the developmental experience we've accumulated over the course of the last few years.

You're all desperate for a release date; but I don't have one for you. As mentioned many times in the past, as soon as we are dead-certain on a time-frame, you will all be the first to know.
We're just as excited as you to finally have it available to everyone. It feels unreal to be so close after such a long time, but we're finally almost here.

If you haven't seen it already, be sure to pop into the video suggestion thread and give voice to what you'd like to have an in-depth look at prior to release.
We hope to be able to provide these little looks at the aircraft in a somewhat rapid succession (subject to change, however!).
We'll also look into doing some detailed write-ups of the approaches and simulation complexity behind various components of the product (FM, Radar, etc.).

Tonight I come bearing a very simple, and even perhaps somewhat boring gift.
A simple ramp cold-start and takeoff of the MiG-21. It's quick and dirty, but hopefully you can appreciate it for what it is: an unsullied look at the raw gameplay of the MiG-21.

I initially narrated this video; but figured it was superfluous after watching it a few times.
The next ones will be narrated however, as they will deal with some more advanced concepts (radar, weaponry, navigation).

Team Leatherneck

Nicholas Dackard

Director | Lead Artist
Heatblur Simulations


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