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Default #03 - DEV UPDATE & GAMEPLAY VIDEO 28/05

Hey Folks!

It's been a while since the last update. Even though we've been around and posting quite a bit, it might, in hindsight, be a good idea to consolidate info more frequently into a single thread as a dev update.

Progress over the past month has been excellent. We are getting closer to a finished product with every single passing day; and it's a fantastic feeling to see three years of work finally come together.

In the past few weeks the entire team has been crunching hard to meet various deadlines, primarily the very important Duxford public showcase. A herculean effort with 17-20 hours of work per day has been the norm for the past few weeks. Many elements which were awaiting integration (rather than creation) - like the new pilot, new damage modelling and a few other components have now been implemented into the Sim. Bar a few minor details, the aircraft is feature complete.

Once again, a massive thank you to the VEAO team for taking the time and effort to showcase the MiG-21 at Duxford. We consider ourselves very lucky to have the chance to work together with such kind and considerate individuals. If any of you spent some time with the MiG-21 at Dux; feel free to share your thoughts or impressions either here or in a separate thread. We'd love to hear them!

So what is left?
-- Bugfixing and Polishing
-- Normal and Specular maps for various external parts
-- Minor additions to the manual
-- Completion of Manual localization (2 languages close to complete!)
-- Copy editing of Missions and Eng Manual
-- Creation of various UI, Manual and Quickstart Guide images
-- Replacement of legacy Weapon Art (in advanced progress)
-- Multiplayer Compatability Testing
-- More Bugfixing
-- More Polishing
-- DVD Artwork, physical goodies, more
In a day or two; some of us will once again head into the relentless crunch, as we embark upon the final phase of this project. There is a light at the end of the tunnel; and we are as motivated as ever to reach it as fast as we possibly can.

In closing I'll leave you with a short, very simple, and very basic video (told you not to get hyped up yet! ) of a dawn mission take-off.
Don't expect too much; it's intention is to just hold you over until the next two arrive, which are coming very soon.

Going on 24h again; so sincere apologies for my succinctness and garbled English.

As always: Thanks for sticking with us and looking forward to the MiG-21. We can't wait to see you all fly it; and we're working hard to make that a reality as soon as possible.

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/Nicholas Dackard

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