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Update Time

Hey guys,
Well it's been a little while since the last update so I thought I'd bring you up to speed on what's been happening over the past few weeks.

As you know we're gearing up ready to release the Hawk to you and that involves the testers trying to break things and we fix them for them to break them again so we can fix them a little bit more. Boring right, well that's what makes the perfect DCS aircraft so that's the process we go through and have been going through since we gave the 1.2.8. version to the testing team.

Suffice to say we're having a little issue with certain navigation systems that Tango is working through with the testing team.
We opted to create our own navigation system for our aircraft. There were a few reasons for this that have been mentioned already, for current and future aircraft.
With this brings inherent problems that I'm confident Tango can work through.

Work on the rear cockpit has been ongoing for a while now and I've shown off some eye candy recently showing that. The rear cockpit modelling is almost finished and will be handed over to our cockpit texture artist very soon.
We will then start work on the switch implementation system in tandem allowing for front and rear control of the aircraft via seat switching.
Multiplayer control and dual sharing of the cockpit will come down the road later either using ED's system or our own.

Which brings me on to the re-texturing of the front cockpit. The textures you currently see and will get at release are our basic textures. Very soon after public release we will release the high-res pack as part of a patch. I'll post up some comparison shots soon but want to let the team get on with it a little bit more before I do that.

We're working with ED to implement the Hawk into core DCS as an AI aircraft.
This means that even if you haven't bought the Hawk, you can still see it flying around in the sim negating the need for a multiplayer patch.
We're also working together on fixing a few key bugs that are preventing public release.

I have a military tech demo this coming Friday so have been busy mission writing and fine tuning a few things for that.

When I'm back next week I'll be finishing off the manual, training missions and missions that will ship with the public release.
We also have a few volunteer translators that will first translate the quickstart manual, followed by the full manual.

The voice overs for the training missions are also being recorded and will be updated into the training missions at a later patch.

Which nicely leads on to the patching system. We are in discussion with ED on how best to patch the aircraft in future. As I've mentioned the Hawk will be part of core DCS but that opens up discussions on SFM/EFM versions and we're working through that at the moment.
We can guarantee that it will be the least inconvenience to you that won't affect the version you have bought.

And on to the CRM system, this is the front and back end processing for taking orders and payment from our web site. Work has started on the back end and front end pages and we'll be letting our testers have a little play with that soon.
Part of that system are the product pages which are almost complete for the Hawk.
We've elected to mirror the ED website product pages so it is familiar to you, and so we can easily implement the product within ED's own website and Module Manager.

Licensing issues with BAE are ongoing with our lawyers but hopefully we can get to a resolution quickly.

That's a pretty good snapshot of what we're working on and I hope to bring you some more eye candy really soon.

As to when we will release, well you'll just have to wait and see....

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