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Default DCS Open Beta RC3 Change Log

DCS World
  • IR missiles. The lock range increased.
  • AI aircrafts: The killed pilot will not disappear from the cockpit.
  • The uncontrolled aircraft on the ramp will not ejecting the nonexistent pilot after taking damage.
  • TF-51D. Quick Start missions corrected.
  • Su-25T. Cockpit. Autopilot lamps are working now.
  • Su-25T. Autopilot override key commands changed to [LAlt + A].
  • Su-25T. Glideslope error ring and director ring are placed correctly.
  • FFB function with ALT-TAB corrected.

  • Added English flight manual of F-15C.
  • Some issues with copy protection of A-10A and FC3 are fixed.
  • Fixed some FFB issues.
  • The blackout at high G is fixed.
  • Su-25. The plate of airbases list in the cockpit are corrected.
  • Su-25. Missed cockpit textures behind the right shoulder was added.
  • Su-25. The gaps in the gunsight are removed.
  • Su-27/33, MiG-29. HUD. Glideslope error ring and director ring are placed correctly now.
  • F-15C. 3D models of pilot and parachute are corrected.
  • F-15C. Added hydraulic failures influence.
  • F-15C. Ailerons maximum deflection angles are increased.
  • F-15C: Elevator maximum deflection angles are corrected.
  • F-15C. Obsolete autopilot commands are removed.
  • F-15C. Added engine destruction by fire.
  • F-15C. Added working fuel quantity indicator.
  • F-15C. Flaps are down at hot start on ground.
  • F-15C. Wing fuel tanks can be damaged.

DCS Combined Arms
  • Missing lifebar for ground units on F10 view fixed.
  • Tank’s fire solution issue are fixed.
  • Command bar. After target designation the aircraft will attack units if even they are moving.
  • Aircraft can be activated from Command Bar in Uncontrolled mode.
  • Fixed options “Computer firing solution”.
  • Helicopters can easily destroy heavy tanks colliding with them is fixed

  • Fix TV3-117 engine start failure (after engine cut-off, and then again engine starting)
  • Impact of a surface to the helicopter wheels is corrected.

  • Flight manual corrected.
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