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Originally Posted by BeachAV8R View Post
Thanks to Chris for participating in the PC Pilot article. I've made the comment to him and publicly that the way VEAO handles community relations is second to none. They have a great team assembled and are very open about where they are, and where they are heading. Chris made my job easy.. <g>

It's my understanding the magazine is on newsstands in Europe already (it is a UK based magazine after all..) but I haven't received my mailed issue here in the United States yet. There is always the option of buying online the digital copy:


When I submitted the questions, I was surprised at some of the answers we received too - and excited! The possibility of a tanker and the future WW2 platforms is pretty cool. Of course, I'm a button pusher, so I'm positively salivating about the Typhoon. Bring it on!

And as a big fan of realism and training type stuff..I think the Hawk is going to be a big hit with both single players and online squadrons.

Exciting times ahead.

Thanks again to Chris and VEAO for their assistance with the article...

Many thanks to Chris for writing it and the magazine for publishing it.
I'm glad I could answer all of your questions without any problems.
And of course for your gracious comments buddy

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