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Default DCS Open Beta RC2 Change Log

DCS World
  • Su-25T. Digital reading of desired course on the HSI is corrected.
  • Fixed flashing icons on F10 map.
  • Aircraft can be activated from the Command Bar if selected Uncontrolled mode.
  • Fixed setLandObject - now sets ID for all objects.
  • Fixed several issues in the input system.
  • Su-25T cockpit. Corrected some issues with shape and textures.
  • Fixed SSE functions for getting objects by name.
  • Radio for ground units now works.
  • Fixed possible crashes and memory leaks in the renderer.
  • Fixed crash if allocation was made in third party code.
  • TF-51D. Autorudder works.
  • KC-135. No longer disappears in mid air after take-off.
  • Render. Fixed overflow of vertex buffer.
  • AI aircraft. Pinpoint strike. Fixed attack of map objects.
  • AI planes will no longer land on occupied runways.
  • Corrected Tu-22M3 model bugs.
  • Fixed saving of failures during the mission for clients.

DCS Combined Arms
  • Corrected textures of MANPADS.
  • Fixed shaking of MANPADS when aiming.
  • 3D. Added new model and animation of ATGM 9M113.
  • The lock and tracking range of SAM radars is increased.
  • SAM radars no longer detect helicopters on the ground.
  • The maximum range of tank laser rangefinders decreased to 4000 m.
  • Elevation of missile launchers corrected to prevent sinking missiles after launch.
  • Tank ballistics computer improved.
  • Added Command Panel for tactical commander to the F7 View.
  • Ship Control. Removed formation and altitude settings.

DCS Flaming Cliffs
  • Russian fighters. BVR. Corrected range of target marks on the HUD.
  • Fixed issue with Su-33 take-off from carrier.
  • F-15C. Modified damage model of airfoils.
  • F-15C. Modified aircraft characteristics on descent.
  • F-15C. Increased gear and flaps drag.
  • F-15C. Tuned roll instability at altitudes above 30,000 ft.
  • F-15C. Tuned engine thrust at IDLE and drag.
  • F-15C. Tuned engine altitude performance.
  • F-15C. Added engine, CAS and AFCS failures.
  • F-15C. Added English Flight Manual.
  • F-15C. Increased elevator mixing at high AOA.
  • F-15C. Fixed wing fuel tanks destruction.
  • F-15C. Temporary deleted disengagement of PTC when gear extended.
  • F-15C. Increased tank volume for negative load factor.
  • F-15C. Modified collision model.
  • F-15C. Changed engine nozzle program at MIL.
  • F-15C. Fixed speedbrake extension not showing in multiplayer.

  • Taxi light switch command added (‘RCtrl + L’ by default).
  • Fixed right landing light.
  • Additional equipment weight will be accounted in total weight.
  • Fixed incorrect track replay with pedal trimmer.
  • Landing lights retract and rotate using key commands.
  • Electrical system corrections.
  • Fixed electric ground power.
  • Fixed crash in en_SpringMi8-12.miz of campaign.
  • Fixed automatic rectifier engaging.

  • Removed gunsight reticle in civilian variant.
  • 3D. Fixed gaps in cockpit model.
  • 3D. Windows glass shape edited.
  • Flight manual corrected.
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