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Default DCS Open Beta RC1 Change Log

DCS World
  • Rockets has an abnormal affect by wind is fixed.
  • Su-25T. Digital drums on baro altimeter will works.
  • Su-25T. Pipper will displayed on the HUD when select mode Free-Fall Bombing in the "Invisible zone" and minor adjustments to HUD.
  • Su-25T. Tuned mirrors.
  • GUI Error, when you try to Record video is fixed.
  • Trash bin icon removed for TF-51D in MM.

DCS Flaming Cliffs 3
  • A-10A: Bombs fall with undershoot in CCRP mode is fixed.
  • Su-33. Mirrors will have an image reflection.

F-15C: DCS Flaming Cliffs
  • The PTC work is changed.
  • Sustained load factors corrected.
  • Speed brake automatic retraction by AoA corrected.
  • The accounted radius of wheels and traction corrected.
  • Added damage of engines.
  • Added disengage of PTC when gear extension.
  • Check ARI on the ground.
  • Cockpit update.
  • Navigation lights reflections swapped.
  • Changes to HUD AoA display.

  • Cargo camera can be enabled after cargo hooking.
  • Cargo rope disappear Bounding box edited.
  • Helicopter will not destroy tank after colliding with it.
  • “Beta” label removed in the Main menu for UH-1H.

  • External electric power supply bugfix.
  • ARK-9 fine tuning knobs will works.
  • Blade of main rotor gone off when runway start from a ship is fixed.

DCS Combined Arms
  • New Main Menu theme.
  • Flyable AC can detect laser ranger emission produced by controllable ground units.
  • Minimum attack distance for ATGMs has been fixed.
  • BTR-RD. 9M113 missile model reference corrected.
  • Corrected infantry descent on helicopters.
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