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Default Manual

About the manual

Lot of people asked similar questions: will it be available in their language, how does it relate to original 21 manual, is it near completion etc.

Since we are making 21Bis mod for DCSW, there are differences between simulated 21Bis and real 21Bis (as you must have noted so far). Therefore, the only relevant document for DCS MiG-21Bis will be its manual. This does not prevent you from using any other document you might have, but DCSW MiG-21Bis will be what’s written in its manual.

Manual is near completion, still, I have to write and illustrate missing parts concerning recently added features, most notably new weapon use and complex navigation subsection (e.g. radials interception with RSBN). Note that manual can be finished after we finish everything else (e.g we need finished internal/external model and textures for manual illustrations). Before we conclude it (“lock” it), it has to be approved by Eagle.

Manual in your language? Absolutely.
Once concluded in English, manual will be available for translation to anything community can provide. Document containing the detailed “call for translators” will be presented here on time. Translations that satisfy required standards, quality and are delivered in time will be included in official release. Other translations (rejected, late, partial etc.) can still be presented to community here or elsewhere to support local players, but will not be included in release.

************************************************** **************************

Leatherneck Simulations is in need of volunteers for MiG-21BiS flight manual and other materials translation.


- Provide a translation of material given to the English language, in exact form as provided, on time as required,
- Change (update) translated material if original material changes, within given timeframe,
- All produced materials must be internationally compatible with word processing tools so they can be opened and further processed on machines other than translator’s (E.g. Chinese translation must open and appear exactly the same as on translators’ machines).
- All original material that translators receive must stay classified even after publishing.


- Language of translation must be a candidate’s mother tongue,
- High English language proficiency,
- High level of literacy, excellent knowledge of translating language grammar, spelling and language writing style,
- Good knowledge of word processing software (use free Kingsoft Office Suite, not MS Word or other commercial office tools),
- Good typing skills (fast typing rate),
- Good experience with Eagle Dynamics products line, with focus on DCS World,
- Good or average technical and military aviation knowledge,
- “Team Player”,
- Responsible, Honest and Confidential person,
- Age 23 or higher preferred.


- Translation of ~180 A4 pages written in English (lots of illustrations, so it’s not text only),
- Translation of a “Quick start guide” or similar additional material if required,
- Translation (“Localization”) of coded training missions or interface such are hint messages appearing on mouse-hover in cockpit,
- Expect that you will have to translate minimum 5 pages per day per person.
- Expect that you will have maximum four weeks to complete and cross-check translation.
- Expect that your team will have to translate minimum 10 pages each day,
- Expect that you will have maximum four weeks to complete and cross-check translation.


- Credits for translation you provide as complete and accepted translation; credits will be stated in the Manual.
- You will get one digital copy of the DCS: MiG-21BIS upon release, per person in a team, for accepted translation.
- No credits for partial/incomplete/low quality translations. We will not use those - they will be rejected and not included in the release.
- You are volunteering for this task, so understand that we can’t provide any money (we don’t have any funds).


Although this list might look imposing to you, please note that we are looking for quality and reliable personnel, thus the strict requirements.

You will have to work in team with at least one person speaking your mother tongue (translation target language). Primary reason for this is because the material is demanding, and you will need to split the workload. Furthermore, this will help you mutually support and supervise each other. You will encounter some difficult concepts and unknown aircraft systems for which you will have to provide explanation based on existing explanation in English, which can be difficult.

- Find few friends to work with. Selecting the right people is critical for success, otherwise you wont make it alone. Optimum is 2 - 4 persons.
- NOTE: No more than 4 persons per team.
- Calculate translation time: if you have 3 persons in a team, divide 180 with 3 and than with 21 -> this gives you 3 pages per day per person (9 pages daily, minimum). If you think that the workload is too high - don’t apply, you won’t make it. Last 5-7 days use to cross check the Manual and send it.
- Download attached CV form and fill it up. Save the document in .xls format (not anything else).
- One person in your team will have to send me an PM containing filled CV form for your team. Insert “Translation application LLLLL ” in e-mail subject, where LLLLL is target language. Example “Translation application Spanish”.

Don’t send your application before Sunday, 27. April 2014.

This job offer will close next Wednesday (30. April 2014.) in 24:00 UTC.

Further steps will be announced.

************************************************** ************************
************************* UPDATE 04. July 2014. ******************************
************************************************** ************************

Here are some information that can answer many questions in this and possibly other threads.

- Manual text and core illustrations (text related) are finished according to my criteria as an author. Art and Appendixes are WIP, and they will be concluded before the release (artistic illustrations, legal things, "special thanks", "contributors list" etc.).
- Following translators teams were accepted for translating the manual to their languages:
  • Russian
  • Serbian /Cyrillic/
  • German
- All gentleman in translating teams put considerable effort to meet the deadline, for which they have my sincere admiration. Their names are included in all versions of the manual, and they will be honored according to our agreement. No less, and possibly more.
- Following translation satisfy the quality criteria at the moment:
  • Russian
  • Serbian
- German manual is currently missing translation for a dozen+ pages. Since there are still some time, I sincerely hope the team will dedicate some free time to finish it. It would be a great misfortune not to have it in the release, since it is around 80-90% done at the moment.
- As you know, MiG-21 need to pass internal TFC/ED Q testing procedure, so will the manual/s. All of them - no matter of the present translation state - are shipped with the aircraft and are available to testers as a references. From the point of the manual, this means that things might be changed, altered, deleted, or additional content requested. Aircraft might still change in complexity and features - so will the manual. Therefore, there is no point of releasing the manual before the aircraft is "locked"and cleared for the release. I as an author don't want to publish non-confirmed, possibly partially-relevant, partially-obsolete document.

At the end, I will have to ask you to use this thread for all manual related posts. It is hard to track the posts and discussion if they are under the different topic, thank you.
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