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Default DCS Update 2 - Change Log

  • AIM-7M missile. Corrected motor data: thrust, time and fuel flow.
  • Reduced smokiness level for many planes.
  • Ka-50 Deployment campaign. Corrected mission #5 Night Hunt.
  • Fixed ARM missile explodes right after launch.
  • Czech, German, French and Russian localisation updates.
  • Fixed JTAC doesn't answer.
  • Fixed bug with hiding mission editor layers cause graphic artifacts and the mission editor.
  • Fixed bug with A2A refueling of AI.
  • Fixed crash at ground unit sounds.
  • CA. Fixed bug with IR pointer and laser when spot freeze in the space, when exiting binocular view.
  • JTAC callsign will display in F10 menu.
  • Su-27. RLS lock lamps blinks correctly.
  • Multiplayer. Fixed client’s crash when switching slot after changing radio receive mode.
  • Added more compatibility with earlier DCS mission.
  • Corrected JTAC assignment procedure in ME.
  • FC3. Localizer bar on HSI for russian airplanes is fixed.
  • Mi-8. Server crash, when client fires GUV id fixed.
  • UH-1H. Corrected animation of door gunners.
  • UH-1H. Corrected AI targeting of door gunners.
  • Fixed error when player try contact JTAC.
  • Mi-8MTV2. Pedals work with keyboard.
  • Fixed crash when SA-6 missile hits the target.
  • Fixed bug with wrong course set of Patriot template.
  • The Su-33 location on carrier deck is corrected.
  • Fixed gun sound freezes, if aircraft is damaged.
  • Mi-8: R-863 radio fix.
  • CA. Fixed bug if player take control after shot AI, tank ignores rearm-time for gun.
  • CA. Tanks ammo count and reload time are adjusted.
  • CA. Corrected AP shots 105, 120, 125mm.
  • UH-1H. Corrupted cockpit night illumination is fixed.
  • F-15C. The holes in the cockpit external model are eliminated.
  • UH-1H. The tail rotor drive shaft arguments are corrected.
  • UH-1H. Updated fight dynamics.
  • UH-1 and Mi-8. Corrected some weights.
  • UH-1H. Multiplayer. Tail rotor is absent on network phantom bug is corrected.
  • UH1H. Tail rotor direction fix.
  • UH-1H. Tail rotor rotation in multiplayer is corrected.
  • UH-1H. Corrected hints of crew control.
  • UH-1H. Spinup time decreased.
  • Mi-8. Adjusted wheels friction.
  • Mi-8. The engine’s IR suppressor will impact to engine dynamics.
  • The ALQ-131 weight is adjusted.
  • The ALQ-184 weight and drag are adjusted.
  • UH-1H. Updating UH-1H instant missions
  • P-51D. Added new P-51D takeoff training track.
  • Corrected sound effect of Mach cone.
  • Mi-8. Multiplayer. Network phantom lacks engine exhaust and tail rotor bugs are corrected.
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