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Default Open beta DCS 1.2.7 Updates

DCS 1.2.7 Update 1 - Change Log
  • Corrected problem when jumping from an aircraft to a ground unit (Combined Arms).
  • Corrected crash caused by reloading of rockets in the Mi-8MTV2.
  • Corrected debriefing window translation error for "All".
  • Corrected radio items only being added after switching to a new unit.
  • Corrected missing airfield names in client landing messages.
  • Corrected dual GBU-12 loading for the F-16.
  • Corrected Radio Menu not being available for the A-10C and Ka-50.
  • Removed the toe brake axis assignments for the F-15C. These will return with the updated F-15C.
  • Corrected an error in the Mi-8MTV2 campaign.
  • Corrected the Mi-8MTV2 SPUU-52 zero indication.
  • Corrected SPUU-52 circuit break connection for the Mi-8MTV2.
  • Corrected UH-1H damage model zones.
  • Corrected inability to disable the controller indication for the UH-1H and Mi-8MTV2. Set in Options / Special.
  • Mi-8MTV2 rudder trim now working for the Logitech G940 FFB stick.
  • Corrected activation keys for Flaming Cliffs 3.
  • Corrected anti-radiation missiles from detonating right after launch.
  • Corrected crash that could result from closing the Mission Editor in certain conditions.
  • Corrected crash that could possibly result from closing the simulation from the taskbar.
  • The Ka-50 Shkval display renders smoke again.
  • Su-25 and A-10A registry serials are now fixed.
  • Mi-8. Animation of stick cover has been corrected. Added curtain to the door, texture of seats, bolts to the stick, a cover to the bomb sight, and corrected textures of IR suppression devices. Corrected several additional textures.
  • Added Mi-8MTV2 country skins for France and Germany.
  • R-73. Slightly decreased drag and lift.
  • R-27 series. Slightly decreased drag.
  • Corrected F-16A MLU skins.
  • UH-1H. Updated flight dynamics.
  • Corrected bug that could result that AI aircraft will no longer take defensive action against incoming missiles.
  • Fixed bug with stuttering of FPS that was disappearing with mouse button press.
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