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Originally Posted by Bucic View Post

The kickstarter video #4 was great in terms of content. Seeing the Yo-Yo talk on the subject like this makes you confident in the quality of physics modeling in DCS. But! I can't help not to notice the poor in-game presentation. So I'm going to put together another little tip-swarming post. Perhaps one of the independent movie makers will pick something up here. Or one of DCS fans.

Cameras operated by mouse in DCS have no smoothing/inertia. Such movement may come out stuttery and bad looking. Use keyboard, very low mouse sensitivity or tie camera to other objects.

Presenting movement controlled by the advanced flight and physics model
What we saw in the most part in the video #4 was a plane... rotating in space.
Show some bumpy landing. This shows the physics well. Zoom in!
This video was baked very, very fast. So fast, that it was finished in California just before all necessary video content was transferred from Moscow. Anyway, if nobody does not mnd, we plan to make director's cut with right video and added P.S. material.
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