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DCS Update 3 - Change Log for Update 3

DCS World:
  • Fixed static aircraft submerged in ground on some airfields.
  • FARP ATC will now respond to "Abort Takeoff" if the player starts with engines running.
  • Fixed GUI error after attempting to delete a unit under some conditions.
  • A Ground Vehicle Group can now be placed from ME menu.
  • Multiplayer: Fixed crash when one player performs belly landing.
  • Su-25T: Fixed crash when Kh-25MPU is launched when seeker deflection is too great.
  • New Su-25T quick missions has been added (EN).
  • New Su-25T interactive training lessons has been added (EN).
Flaming Cliffs 3:
  • The Kuznetsov aircraft carrier ATC will now give permission for landing.

DCS: A-10C Warthog:
  • Fixed missing texture for LITENING II IR pointer beam.
  • Yaw SAS channels will no longer disable when switching between EGI and HARS.
  • Fixed A-10C landing gear damage (main tire and rim were removed while main gear was floating as if it was still there)

DCS: UH-1H Huey (Beta):
  • Fixed typo and changed picture in UH-1H module installer.
  • Fixed crash when firing Miniguns if "Lights=1" set in options.lua file.
  • Fixed loss of ADF indication with no change in signal strength.
  • Added input command for controls of the pilot's sight*

* You may need to delete the user input files for UH-1H for these changes to take effect

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