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Attached is an image that displays the area covered by the NTTR map for DCS. This is a 360x360 km area that includes three functional airfields: Nellis AFB, Creech AFB, and Groom Lake (aka Area 51 / Dreamland). The focus of this map is the NTTR. I've attached an image of the new lights being worked on for the airfields.

The immediate areas around these three airbases use 1 meter texture resolution. The outlying areas of the map are 16 meter resolution, and the areas in between are between 2 and 4 meter resolution. While we would love to cover the entire map in 1 meter resolution, there needs to be a balance of resolution vs. map file size. Even with the use of lower resolution textures in places, the map is already 26 GB (this will be reduced to a degree once the map is within DCS).

After the map is released, it is quite possible that we will expand it, add additional detail, new airfields, etc. as we did for the Black Sea map.

As mentioned earlier, we are close to moving EDGE and this map into DCS. Once this is done, we can start the process of debugging and tuning. Given that this is the first EDGE-based map to be in DCS, we are not sure exactly how long this process will take.
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