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Dev Diary update time.

Last night we released a patch to the public alpha testers with a few tweaks, a few bug fixes and have started to implement the fantastic audio from Diveplane.

Here is the change log:
* Added logic to detect start state (cold ramp/hot ramp/air start).
* Flap indicator
* Whiskey compass: added magnetic dip, acceleration error
* Tied custom canopy to ED canopy
* Fuel gauge now displays DCS total fuel state
* Re-worked ADI precession errors and tightened them up
* Re-worked ADI acceleration errors
* Re-worked navigation needle behavior
* Added audio for gyros, fuel pump and GTS (WIP)
* Resolved the FPS hit bug

We'd like to thank all of the public testers for their valuable feedback during this test period.

Work on the damage model is ongoing by Crow and you guys are going to love the work he's doing. We're not going to show it off but leave it as a surprise.

Derelor has stepped up to the mantle and is going through our flight manual and quick start manual to correct any grammatical errors. Thanks again very much to him for doing this.

We currently don't have a "launch" date as a few things still need to happen behind the scenes and ongoing work on the module. However; as soon as we're closer to knowing the date, you will be the first to know.

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