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Ok guys here is the competition to win a limited time licence activation code.

As a reminder, the licence keys when registered are tied to your machine, so you can't give them out to friends and they will be a limited licence key, until the 31st October 2013 to give you enough time to play around with the Hawk in SP and MP.
Once that time period is up, you will still be able to sit in the cockpit but the jet cockpit won't function.
For the lucky 30 of you, you won't need the Multiplayer patch module as you will have the full product installed.

There are 5 simple questions as below:
1) What year was the Hawk first flown?
2) What is the name of the powerplant in the Hawk?
3) Aside from the Red Arrows which other display teams use the Hawk? (note there are two)
4) How Many Hawk T1's were converted into T1a's
5) In what Year did the Red Arrows start flying the Hawk T1a?

All 5 Answers along with your ED forum name or Facebook name should be emailed to competition@veaosimulations.co.uk

The subject line of the email should be: DCS:Hawk public release competition.
And the Email should contain your ED forum name or Facebook name and the 5 answers.

As my ED forum inbox is limited, please do not PM me the answers and send an Email instead.
If you do not have the ability to send an email then please contact me via PM.

The competition will close on Friday 27th September 2013 at 08:00 UTC
All entrants will be logged on a spreadsheet and numbers assigned to their names in order of entry being received. A random number generator will then be used to pick 30 winners.
Winners will be notified by private message on the ED forums or Facebook along with your activation key.
Only one entry per person is allowed.

Good luck,
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