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Arrow DCS World Sound Mod

This mod aims to offer alternatives to many of the vanilla sound files in order to improve realism and immersion in DCS World.

Version 5 brings the mod up to date for DCS World 1.2.10, adding many new and modified effects (i. e. explosions, tank gun sounds, the Ka-50, the P-51D, the Fw 190D-9 etc.). For a detailed changelog please see below.

The mod is now compatible with JSGME.

-> Instructions for the installation with or without JSGME can be found in README.txt.

What does this mod contain?

-> New weapons sounds for cannons, machine guns, rifles etc.

-> Sounds for aircraft and helicopter engines

-> Sounds for tanks, trucks etc.

-> Explosion effects, ricochets etc.

-> Adjustments to vanilla sounds

-> and more...

I plan to add more comprehensive preview videos of Version 5, but this is going to take some time.

Have fun!

---> EDIT (12. September 2014) <---

Updated download-links for Version 5 from ED:

DCS Sound Mod - Part 1

DCS Sound Mod - Part 2

DCS Sound Mod - Part 3

DCS Sound Mod - Part 4

Download total: 209 MB

---> PREVIEW Version 4 <---

More videos:


---> CHANGELOG Version 5 <---

Changes from V4 -> V5:

-WheelSlide.ogg (modified)
-MG151_R (added)
-ExIn3 (added; P-51D)
-ShutdownIn (added; P-51D)
-Thunder4 (modified)
-Wind5.ogg (added)
-Fire.ogg (modified)
-ExS2 (added; Fw 190 D-9)
-PropIn3 (added; P-51D)
-BrowningIN_5-6_End (added)
-ExplodeAir0 (modified)
-125mmGun_3 (modified)
-ShutdownIn (added; Fw 190 D-9)

(some of the new effects are modifications of ED´s vanilla effects - although similar, they are not identical)

---> CHANGELOG Version 4 <---



- new Ka-50 sounds
- new APU sounds
- improved IL76 sounds


- improved: Ak-74, M16, L37A2, M249, PKT, 2A72, 2A42, Tunguska 2A38M,
GSh23, GSh301, GShG, M3P, YakB, M242, M2 Browning, M3P and M163 Vulcan sounds
- new 73mm, 105mm, 120mm and 125mm cannon sounds

Ground vehicles:

- new BMP, M1 Abrams, Challenger 2, M2 Bradley, BTR80, Leopard1, Leopard 2, LAV25,
LVTP7, ZSU-23-4 Shilka, Marder, M1126 Stryker, T72, T80, T90 and FV 520 Warrior engine sounds
- new generic tank & truck engine and tank movement (light & heavy) sounds


- complete overhaul


- complete overhaul


- new richochet, ground impact and fire sounds
- new radar rotation and turret rotation sounds
- replaced sounds from other mods in previous versions


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