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Default DCS update is now available

DCS World
  • Multiplayer. Icon and life bar of killed unit will now not disappear for client when icons are hidden.
  • Multiplayer. Fixed client crashes after a server un-pauses a mission.
  • Fixed situation in which sometimes a client doesn't get info about group placement.
  • Fixed client crash on mission restart while still loading a mission.
  • Added FW-190 as a static object.
  • FW-190. Engine exhaust heat blur has been removed.
  • Fixed missing sounds embedded in a mission file.
  • Module manager. Removed installed add-on's from the available modules tab.
  • The command menu problem has been fixed: some menus could not display their sub-menus.
  • Fixed the AI not being able to obey advanced waypoint attack restrictions.

DCS: A-10C Warthog
  • The A-10C Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) now shows radar contacts correctly in multiplayer.
  • The AGM-65E can no longer be used as a hack. We are prevented from making this weapon available to due to contractual agreements.

DCS: Combined Arms
  • Ground Commander can no longer move units that should be immobile during a mission (such as static SAM sites).

DCS: UH-1H Huey
  • Corrected missions for the United Nations campaign.

Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 3
  • A-10A. Cockpit pressure based on altitude is now implemented in the cockpit.
  • A-10A. Engine oil pressure indicators are now working.
  • A-10A. Working APU gauges were added.
  • A-10A. Ripple quantity and interval is now fixed.
  • A-10A. Incorrect time of day on the HUD is now fixed.
  • A-10A. Fixed right rudder pedal being jammed forward in the cockpit.
  • A-10A. Fixed the left yaw SAS switch moving when RWR makes a sound.
  • A-10A. Fixed engine temperature indicators.
  • A-10A. Fixed all circuit breakers tripped.
  • Su-33. Auto-thrust will now only engage after route/return/landing autopilot mode is engaged. Auto-thrust for the other aircraft was not realistic and thus removed.
  • Su-27/33. Flaperon control buttons are now animated.
  • Su-27/33. Flaps can now be commanded to be extended at any speed. However, they will be not extended until airspeed is lower than a certain value.
  • Su-27. Cockpit RWR nail lights were reversed. This is now fixed.
  • Su-27. Fixed remaining cannon ammunition counter.
  • F-15C. The infrared-guided missile threats will no longer be indicated on the TEWS.
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