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Mission Download

Welcome back! Last time we left off just shy of Sukhumi after forcing through many enemy defensive positions near Ochamchira. We also reversed a poor attempt of a South Ossetian invasion, as well as taking out targets of oportunity. A few days have passed since that time with no further advancements of our forces. Nor has the enemy mounted any sort of counter attack. There has been no action because of a geopolitical breakdown in relations between the West and Russia. In the previous mission, a few priority targets were destroyed just inside the Russian border. Those targets, were a direct threat to the continuing friendly operations inside Abkhazia and needed taken out immediately. As a result of this, Russia has become irate, to say the least, and has threatened action against NATO operating inside Georgia. Because of the tense geopolitical situation, no further advancements of our ground forces has been made in either Abkhazia or South Ossetia, until now.....

The time to resume our operation has come, we cannot give the enemy any more time to mobilize. Already the time granted to our enemy has resulted in a vastly larger size force just over the horizon of our front lines than the previous major offensive, those few days ago. We also have strong evidence that because of the results of the previous offensive angering Russia, that they have overwhelmingly sped up their supply of Abkhazia through the border zone just South East of Sochi-Adler. We also have detected many new SAM's, both short and medium range, that have been set up close to the front, as well as an S300 Big Bird site set up North West of Gudauta. Because of the complexity of that SAM, it is entirely possible it is manned by Russians.

The Russians, it seems have taken a great interest in throwing everything from ammo, guns and tanks to the Abkhazians. Intel has also shown Russian medium range air defenses in the border area of South Ossetia. There is also chatter of possible Russian troop mobilization. Any updates to that we will give you when we know.

As Usual the main objectives will be covering the advance of NATO forces in Abkhazia, and taking out targets that directly threaten them in the area. Georgian forces are also invading South Ossetia in the east and could need some air support out there as well.

SEAD supports flights can be requested, as well as CAS flights.


KA50's IN THE WEST! There is a FARP half way to the front, it is the FIRST waypoint after takeoff.

1. Provide air cover to advancing forces pushing through Sukhumi airfield as well as surrounding villages. The final objective for ground forces will be the city of Sukhumi further North West up the coast. (KA50 Capable)
2. In order to fulfill the main objective, the S300 Big Bird site will need to be dealt with somehow. It is the last waypoint you have, or if you need coordinates,
N43 09 758 E040 21 168
3. We need to stop the massive influx of Russian supplies coming from the North West border. Take out both the road AND rail bridge near these coordinates.
N43 13 566 E040 23 482
4. Provide cover for Georgian forces invading South Ossetia


Tanker West – 150 VHF am TACAN 10x
Tanker East – 151 VHF am TACAN 11x
AWACS – 148 VHF am
AI SEAD and CAS flights – 124 VHF am
AFAC West (Abkhazia)– 125 VHF am
AFAC East (South Ossetia) – 126 VHF am
Senaki-Kolkhe – 132 VHF am


pop smoke - all friendlies pop smoke

resume invasion - invasion..... resumes

request hornet SEAD - 2 f18c hornets with SEAD loadout

request tango SEAD - 2 Su25t with SEAD loadout

request helo cas - 2 mi24 hinds get sent to the front

request cas - 2 su25a get sent to front

request god mode - B52 with balls ton of cruise missiles

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