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Links to mods I use (not mentioned in above post):

DCS World
KA-50 module
Older JSGME mods
  • Dustcloud removal.zip: Removes the smokecloud that bugs down the FPS of some systems when flying at low level and high speed (only needed with DCS World pre 1.2.4).
  • PeterPs Proper Neck version RC2b.zip: Changes head tracking parameters to be more realistic/ easy to use. Only works with DCS pre 1.2.4 ( link to EDF-thread).
  • For JSGME Rocket ballistics plate for default cockpit.zip: A plate showing the different rocket ballistics settings in the back of the cockpit, to your right in the standard black cockpit. (Plate is made by DRAGON, originally included in "DCS Modified Sharkpit Mod v3" found at ****************, updated 17 Aug 2009).
Please fix the KA-50 bugs :-)

Black Shark: Controller profile & setup, TrackIR profile, pit.
Warthog HOTAS: Lubing the stick and extending the stick.
Posts on howto customize switches in DCS & youtube clip.
Must-have mods for DCS World and KA-50 (mostly JSGME).
Casual couch pilot, watching capped.tv...

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