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As I promised, I went through all the other lessons. I'll post links to the tracks once they are approved by ED but here are the issues I ran into:

General purpose bomb training: After performing a practice CCIP dive in armament test mode, no further instructions are given to the player after being informed to head in the direction of waypoint 2.

Precision guided munitions: I was able to complete it but it had a quirk. When you are given your first target, you are told to set TGP as SOI and press TMS forward short to set track mode to Point. For some reason, despite maintaining the autopilot set by the mission since the beginning, I kept seeing INR-A and INR-P as if something was blocking my FOV even though I had a perfectly clear view of the target. After waiting for a while, I broke auto pilot and circled around the target until I was able to get a clean track. The lesson then resumed.

Maverick training: Another mission that fails to continue when asked to maintain a heading. In this case, turning to waypoint 3.

Air-to-air: I was able to complete it, albeit with a very minor issue. You are asked to use WHOT mode (Boat-switch aft) even though the instructor asks you to press the boat-switch forward. Didn't bother uploading a track just for that.

Countermeasures: Was able to complete it however it seemed to get a bit screwey when you are asked to make a custom program. After being asked to select flares to set to a number other than 0, the instructions did not continue. I started messing around and turning on and off the DISP switch made it continue to the next step (press the rocker switch up twice to add 2 flares to the program). However it stopped there again until I started messing with the DISP switch again. After doing this a few times, the mission resumed and I was able to complete it.


My files have been approved. Here are the links:
Countermeasures: http://files.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/249111/
Precision guided munitions: http://files.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/249110/
Mavericks: http://files.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/249109/
General purpose bombs: http://files.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/249108/

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