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Originally Posted by heyvern69 View Post
Hey Silver_Dragon I found this on Youtube.
I guess we know what Team VRC are doing for a fast jet.

First off I have to say that we dropped the ball on this one.

TEAM VRC was not ready to divulge our project aircraft until we had a cockpit ready for video. The justification for doing so was for the sole purpose to secure our Dev status with ED.

Since you have video proof of our efforts, be it not very flattering, I am confirming that we are working on the F-100D Super Sabre.

We will release 3 mods based on this airframe:
  1. QF-100D which is depicted in the above video.
  2. F-100D Thunderbird variant - later releases will include AFM.
  3. F-100D Full combat ready with all systems, 6 DOF, and clickable cockpit.

Our team is working diligently to get up to speed and heavily into reverse engineering code so we can bring our Cockpit to life. We are busting through every barrier that we hit and the team is producing some of the best work I have seen in a freeware effort.

We have to discuss as a team what our next steps are to be, however I am sure that we will be forthcoming with screenshots and videos.

Our goal is to provide the Community with the HUN so you can enjoy DCSW even more until your favorite mods are available.

Stay tuned.
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