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Default DCS: A-10C Warthog, Version 1.2.0 Available

DCS: A-10C Warthog, Version 1.2.0 Available

This new version of A-10C Warthog addresses the following items:
  • Fixed ground shadow z-fighting when viewed from within the cockpit.
  • JTAC's IR pointer missing the target has been fixed.
  • Fixed constantly repeated radio reports from wingmen, particularly after leader landing.
  • Fixed A-10C flight A-10C takeoff from runway. Wingmen would suddenly "freeze" between air and ground.
  • Some buttons became non-clickable when view is zoomed. Fixed.
  • JTACs sorted by range in radio menu.
  • IFFCC Weapon Release Data Menus will now work correctly for all kinds of weapons.
  • SPI position on TAD will be shown correctly for ripple releases when SPI source is IFFCC.
  • Fixed CCRP behavior when the aircraft flies below entered hot elevation, and SPI elevation remains below ownship altitude.
  • CCIP CR symbology logic adjusted for ownship altitude is less than entered hot elevation.
  • INVALID FUZING HUD message will now account for WCMD height of function parameter.
  • Reduced the probability of WCMD weapons overshooting the target when using low altitude deliveries.
  • Fixed rocket sight occasionally appearing instead of the bombing reticle when Mk82AIR bomb was selected.
  • WINDSHIELD HOT and STALL SYS caution lights have been implemented.
  • AoA indexer lights will now work with weight on wheels.
  • AoA indicator electrical power source was changed to Right AC bus.
  • FFB stick shaker now works only if the AoA indicator is powered.
  • FFB stick shaker will now not only work with gear up and flaps set to landing position (20 degrees).
  • Aural stall warning (steady and chopped tones) will no longer work with flaps set to landing position (20 degrees).
  • Flap position indicator will be frozen in the last known position upon electrical power loss.
  • Master Caution light will no longer light when the inverter is initially turned on.
  • The Master Caution light and caution lights flashing rate has been adjusted.
  • L/R Engine Oil Pressure lights will go light immediately after any electrical power source is available.
  • All possible avionics failures are correctly repaired now - no more inoperative air data related instruments after repair.
  • Autolase was sometimes not correctly ceasing at impact time + 4 seconds timeout.
  • DSMS correctly updates station status (i.e. detected, not detected, and any mismatches) upon weapon loadout change via the rearm radio menu. But you still must initialize DSMS manually via the DTS UPLOAD page.
  • TGP laser codes are no longer zeroized when the TGP is loaded on a station via the rearm radio menu.
  • Fixed Maverick TIME auto power function.
  • TGP laser type can no longer be cycled with HOTAS while TGP is lasing.
  • DSMS STAT and DSMS INVT CMBT notes have been implemented on the MFCD.
  • Removed re initialization when autopilot on.
  • Fixed UHF T-Tone switch causing unrecoverable crash.
  • Possible crash on CBU-97/105 container opening in full screen mode is fixed.
  • Corrected snap views.
  • LSS Detects and tracks targets that are not lased. Fixed.
  • When A-10C is repaired, "Repair Finished" message is now given.
  • Marker beacon sounds outside main beam has been resolved.
  • Cockpit mirrors not visible when selected in options has been fixed.
  • SAS yaw mono channel mode restored.
  • Uninstall all previous DCS products prior to versions 1.2.0
Note: Do NOT deactivate your products!
  • To be safe, delete \Saved Games\DCS files
  • Install DCS World 1.2.0
  • Install each new DCS module (1.2.0 or latest Beta version)
Note: A new activation will not be required unless this is the first time you have installed the product.

Please note that MP requires you to have all products S/N activated using the same DCS (webshop) account.

Purchase DCS: A-10C Warthog from: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.co...oducts&lang=en
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/wagmatt
Twitch: wagmatt

i7 6700K, 32 GB RAM, GTX 1080ti, Windows 10, 1TB SSD, TM Hornet stick and Warthog throttle, and Track IR 5 with default settings.

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