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Thanks Kuky for informing us.

I wrote a little script to do the manipulation of the coord lines in the res files.

Run the exe (or if you don't trust me, download and install Autohotkey and run the scriptfile).
Press F1, select the folder you want to manipulate, enter the scale and translation factors you need. Hit ok to confirm and voila.
Note: The script will manipulate all the res files in the directory if they contain the coord line.
The script will create back-up files (*.resbak), you can restore to the original files by pressing F2 and select the folder you would like to restore.
Note: The script will only create one backupfile per file in the directory and it will never overwrite this backup file (ie. if you do several F1 manipulations and then run F2 it will restore to the first F1 manipulation).

Pretty please with sugar on top: Do a backup before you start using this script.

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