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I haven't flown the training mission myself, so if there's a specific issue or problem you're having with it, let me/us know so it can be properly addressed. Otherwise, we'll jump right in...

DIRECT is indeed fairly straight forward. It draws a Great Circle line between the EGI position at the time of mode engagement, and the selected steerpoint. The CDU will display the magnetic course that must be set via the HSI CRS knob in order to obtain proper CDI indications. The HSI will then provide raw course deviation data.

TO TO mode is nearly identical in function, except instead of using EGI Present Position as the "from" waypoint, you specify an actual named waypoint to navigate from via the CDU FROM page. The FROM waypoint can be entered by name, or by entering its ID number. As before, the CDU will display the magnetic course that should be set on the HSI CRS knob.

TO FROM mode is a little bit different. It only uses a single "to" steerpoint, and draws the Great Circle line through that point according to the value you set via the HSI CRS knob. This mode behaves exactly as if you were navigating with a conventional VOR. As you spin the HSI CRS knob, you're selecting the desired inbound course, and the CDI will deflect as appropriate.

SCS mode is like TO FROM mode in reverse. In this case, you're defining your EGI Present Position as the "from" from waypoint, then you specify the desired outbound course from that point using the HSI CRS knob.

You mention reverse sensing in some cases, but since I haven't flown the mission in question, I'm not sure of the cause. Your gut instinct is probably correct though, try setting the reciprocal course on the HSI, and you should regain correct sensing.

Regarding the waypoint attributes, the ATTRIBUTES page contains the default attributes that will be assigned to all waypoints created in the FPBUILD page, and to any waypoints that didn't have data uploaded from the DTS (not applicable to this simulator).

If you want to change the attributes of a MISSION or MARK point, you may do so from the WAYPT page. FLT PLAN points can be changed from the WPTATT page.

I'm not sure what you mean about LSK9? Can you clarify?
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