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Originally Posted by jazjar View Post
you mean "mission" position, right?
Yeah the MISSION waypoint pool.

Originally Posted by jazjar View Post
Also, could someone please explain "SCS" further, as well as explain how the "TO" and "FROM" points are selected? Thanks, looks pretty cool.
SCS is a global NAV mode in the same category as TO-TO, TO-FROM, and DIRECT but accessed in a different place. I think you can't be in a flight plan to engage it but I'm not sure about that.

SCS is an outbound navigation mode. When you turn on SCS it designates the current location as the nav point and you can fly outbound along your selected course (CRS knob) and the distance will count up as you leave the point. For example if the APP controller said "Fly 283 for 42 miles" you could turn on SCS, CRS to 283, and fly the needle centered until the range counted to 42.
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