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  • REQUEST/DISCUSSION: Jester energy state callouts during ACM

    I suspect that there is probably already a thread discussing this, but i have not been able to find one...
    Anyways, I would love to see some sort of mechanic during close in fights where Jester could occasionally give airspeed callouts. I think that one possible way to implement this would be...
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  • escaner
    started a topic DCS crashing when giving orders to Wingman

    DCS crashing when giving orders to Wingman

    Anyone having this problem?

    I have modified Cage the Bear mission #2 for multiplayer, selecting the plane as Client instead of Player and launch it with my computer as MP server. Then I join as RIO and my friend selects Pilot.
    When I give an order to our F-14 wingman, my friend's...
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  • F-14: On the verge of Greatness, A list of defunct F-14 integrations

    This Forum post is dedicated to all the possible integrations the F-14A-D could have had during it's life time but just didn't quite fit the budget or the timeframe and were decided against. So come with me and explore what other options we could've seen on our favorite TOPGUN bird....
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  • F-14 Exterior Lights - Real Observations from the 80's

    In a nutshell -- I contend that real F-14 Nav/Position lights flashed in unison with Anti-collision lights, most of the time. (As well as on the F-4B/N and F-4J/S Phantoms)

    Living near NAS Miramar "Fightertown USA", I observed a lot of F-14's from about 1976 to 1987 (most likely...
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  • Southernbear
    started a topic Forestall and A-6 AI within Multiplayer

    Forestall and A-6 AI within Multiplayer

    I personally can't remember specification otherwise but my question is this. How is the Forestall going to work in DCS?

    You guys have said you wanted to work on Supercarrier functionality for her so does that mean we will get 2 versions, one with and without SC compatibility for people...
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  • vJaBoG32
    started a topic Virtuelles JaBoG32 sucht F-14B RIOs!

    Virtuelles JaBoG32 sucht F-14B RIOs!

    RIOs gesucht!

    Passend zum aktuellen "Free to Fly"-Event von Heatblur sind wir auf der Suche nach Radar Intercept Officers für unser Geschwader.
    Als kleinen Anreiz haben wir dafür ein Werbevideo erstellt:

    Unser Ziel ist es...
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    started a topic Jester AI problems getting worse...

    Jester AI problems getting worse...

    Again, Jester AI still malfunction and it getting worse after the latest update (

    With the previous version, the F-14 still kicking and dominate the sky, despite some of the Jester bugs.

    But now Jester has some even more serious radar bug that really pisses...
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  • HenHaus
    started a topic F-14 Looking for RIO

    F-14 Looking for RIO

    Hey all,

    I'm looking for someone to fly as a RIO and maybe switch back and forth so I can learn it too. Hoping for someone who already has experience and is pretty decent already, but no worries if not. Lots of time on my hands and I am in Phoenix, AZ for the time zone.

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  • Kazansky222
    started a topic Magic INS Fix?

    Magic INS Fix?

    I was wondering what kind of time frame we could we looking at for a MP fix for Magic INS for the Phoenix Missile. It is the last "fox 3" in the game to feature magic ins, while also being the longest range air to air weapon further increasing the need for a fix.

    Also what are...
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  • LSO calls "You're slow" when on speed AOA in F-14

    As title states LSO gives me "You're a little slow" calls even then i'm not exceeding 15 units AOA on F-14. When reaching ~16 units AOA I ussually get waved off instantly.

    I think it is related to lower on speed AOA in Hornet (~8.1 degrees) than in Tomcat (15 units/10.8 degrees)....
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  • [REPORTED]F-14 ACLS wrong altitude, crashes plane when activated


    The F-14's ACLS or the automatic carrier landing system does not work properly.

    The guidance for the system has wrong height or something, resulting in the F-14 starting a dive and crashing into the sea when ACLS is activated in the final of the landing procedure....
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  • Moody
    started a topic Polygon Count

    Polygon Count

    Quick Question, since I seem to be finding old data and nothing new.

    Does any one know the Polygon Count of the F-14, and oddly, the Yak-52?
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  • gyrovague
    started a topic TWS-Auto


    Track While Scan - Auto

    As most know, we had a TWS-Auto implementation for the F-14 at launch, but it was quite unreliable and ended up causing more trouble than it was worth, so it was disabled. After launch of course we were kept quite busy, and it was some time before we managed to revisit...
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  • Eastern Friendship Mission 1 - F-14B Tomcat Edition by Sedlo

    DCS Open Beta or later Required



    Last night, a Georgian armoury was attacked by Russian backed separatist guerrillas and a number of heavy weapons,...
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  • Tractorou24
    started a topic Take measures on ModelViewer... HELP !

    Take measures on ModelViewer... HELP !


    I'm thinking to make an F-14 home cockpit... Can someone explain me if there is any method to measure the cockpit dimensions on the DCS Model Viewer to make my 3D model ?

    Thanks !
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