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  1. I keep hearing the release of the F14D is not possible because of the lack of information... Can some one enlighten me on the data availability of the F/A 18 Hornet, and F16. I'm pretty sure these jets still have classified things about them. Currently they do not mimic 100% of the sim factor although close. I talked to an F18 Pilot and there's just much we can't do (he still thinks it's awesome). In the same way we are still fudging systems of these Jets. I only bring this up as many simulated modern conflicts leave the Jet feeling a little behind the times when going up with the 18/16/15 and
  2. So I went up and carried 4 Rockeyes to the BTR's dropped em all on them. NO DAMAGE registered at all.
  3. So if I'm reading you right drop more than one in a target area. Regardless of target type.
  4. Is this WIP or finished product/idea? Thank you for replying I appreciate your input.
  5. I went up to do some ground ordinance training, Mk82's 84's ZUNI Rockets did great, I scored a direct hit on 3 BTR's with Rockeye. Watched from the F6 perspective watched them get surrounded in smoke but zero damage was registered, Put a MK 84 in the center of the cluster no damage, a few soldiers killed. Landed a direct hit with a MK 82 the BTR died. I don't know what to blame? Is a BTR tough enough to survive a bombs that close or a direct hit with a cluster? or is something wrong with the munitions?
  6. Is the left light still not implemented yet?
  7. So flying modern jets with Radar, and RWR is great to get close enough for a visual ID. I went into the cold war server, and medium to close range engagements, I can't see the enemy unless they are very close! Is there a work around to this? I'm using track IR 5 with 2k resolution. My track IR is dialed in, but it means nothing if I can't see the target.
  8. Gentoo87

    Need charts ;)

    I'm having trouble dog fighting with the Mig 19, but I am kinda wingin it without turn rate data, and a good understanding of performance. I checked google, and the many guides out there, but I can't find a rate chart... I need help not getting yeeted by f5s?
  9. I would totally buy a mig 19s hands down, I am loving the 19p
  10. - I hate to say it, but listeng to the p47 from Duxford.... He's not wrong this particular plane is very quiet... I am curious is this plane modified to modern standards or does it use an original starter system from its era?
  11. You are not wrong this real plane sounds great, The game just doesn't sound right, sounds so anemic?
  12. P47 sounds like a hot angry mess in real life on the ground, Plus the Energizer sound is off? any chance we will get a proper energizer sound, and engage? - the 5 minute mark has the energizer, and engage sounds.
  13. I to experienced this last night, low RPM, in cruise range form Manifold pressure. Thank fully the cowl flaps are not taking damage over 225. I would rather blow the cowl flaps than the engine.
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